A Look Ahead Through Mid-September

I hope everyone on this side of the Atlantic had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. And to our friends elsewhere, I hope your weekend and Monday were adequate. 😊 The summer is over and it is back to the grind for everyone, work or school in most cases. I thought it would be useful to provide a brief outline for the next two weeks’ worth of entries for WWIII. We’re in a transition phase, so to speak, between setting the stage for the postwar segment down the line and heading back to tie up some D+24 loose ends and such. As well as provide a few posts on WWIII fiction or games.

As usual, I will try to keep to the schedule but if I deviate by a day or two please accept my apologies.

WWIII 1987 Blog Entries 7 September-21 September 2022

Thursday 8 September– Entry will cover the meeting between CINC-West and SACEUR near Braunschweig on early D+25.

Saturday 10 September– The first look at events in a non-European theater on D+25. We’ll start off with the Western Pacific.

Monday 12 September- Gaming WWIII. I will talk a bit about what PC and boardgames were most valuable for modeling out specific theaters for the World War III set in 1987. Have not decided what theater I’ll kick off with.

Wednesday 14 September– West Berlin D+25

Friday 15 September– Political events from 3 August-7 August. Negotiations between Western and Soviet diplomats mainly as both sides work towards to bring the war to an official end.

Sunday 17 September– The first look at casualty and material loss numbers from the Third World War.

8 Replies to “A Look Ahead Through Mid-September”

  1. Do you know where and when the photo at the top of the page was taken? It reminds me of the Iowa Air National Guard base at the Des Moines airport, but I am going on 40 year old memories here.

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      1. Thanks, that was starting to bother me! The ANG unit at the Des Moines airport flew Corsairs, SEA camo from what I remember. There was a road that ran alongside the apron, and there was a spot where you could pull over and watch them work on the planes. The perspective is about right, as are the round hay bales, but the runway and trees in the distance didn’t look quite right.

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        1. Sounds like the Des Moines really is similar to the UK. Pretty close description wise. I’ve never flown into Des Moines but I’d like to visit Iowa one day. It’s one of the states I haven’t been to yet.


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