D+23 (1 August, 1987) 2300-2359 Zulu

Note #1-All events in this entry take place in Central Europe in the CEST Central European Summer Time) time zone. Zulu+2. Zulu time is displayed with local time in parenthesis. Since it is after midnight, the date in the CEST time zone is 2 August, 1987, but still 1 August for Zulu time.

2304 (0104 Local)- West German and Danish artillery rounds containing VX begin to explode over positions of the Soviet 6th Guards Motor Rifle Division and 20th Tank Division.

2308 (0108 Local)- The first NATO OCA and interdiction sorties of the new day start launching.  Their targets are suspected headquarters sites, supply lines and airbases inside of East Germany and Western Poland. Supporting SEAD and other suppression missions are already airborne and about to cross the border.

2310 (0110 Local)- Western TVD received the first radio reports of NATO chemical agents being used against Soviet divisions in the Danish-West German border area.

2315 (0115 Local)- Two Su-24 Fencers lift off from Jüterbog following a brief delay.

2328 0128 Local)- An air of concern is permeating Western TVD’s wartime headquarters in western Poland. Within minutes of learning that Northern Group of Forces formations were under chemical attack, reports of heavy enemy air activity and attacks arrive. Marshal Snetkov is caught off guard by the sudden burst of action.

2335 (0135 Local)- Snetkov finally succeeds in reaching Colonel General Korbutov at the recently repaired command bunker in Stendal. He briefs him on the developing situation and warns him to be prepared for NATO to use chemical weapons against his forces sooner rather than later.

2353 (0153 Local)- The crew of a USAF F-4G Phantom returning from a mission east of Magdeburg catch a glimpse of an afterburning jet streaking east at an extremely low altitude. The pilot assumes the aircraft is either an F-111 or Luftwaffe Tornado simply inbound to its target.

2359 (0159 Local)- Marshal Snetkov had attempted to contact Stendal again, however, enemy jamming was picking up in that area. Instead, he made an effort to reach the peacetime GSFG headquarters at Wünsdorf south of Berlin. He managed to reach the communications officer on duty there and gave him a list of orders he wanted relayed to Stendal. The young major was in the middle of reciting the orders when the radio went dead. In frustration, Snetkov slammed the handset down on the table and cursed aloud. Less than twenty second later his chief of staff rushed into the communications center, his face a mask of chalky white. “Comrade Marshal,” he informed Snetkov in a shaky voice. “We are receiving reports of a massive explosion south of Berlin. Possibly from a nuclear weapon.”

Author’s Note: Well, D+23 was certainly quite the marathon. 😊 I’m going to do a book or game review, as well as another WWIII-themed entry in the coming week and then on Friday or Saturday I will kick off D+24.

12 Replies to “D+23 (1 August, 1987) 2300-2359 Zulu”

  1. Cat’s out of the bag (again). Great way to end the day though, Mike – the entries worked really well even if approach had to change as you reached evening.

    Does remind me … just where were the 7th GTA again?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Luke!

      7th GTA is split between the Inner German Border. Some elements on the West German side, others still in East Germany. Caught between two chairs, literally

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  2. *stares at the bomb south of Berlin report*

    Oh that was dumb. Dumb dumb dumb… The Osties are not gonna buy that Nato did it because of the events with their forces the previous three days and the selling out of their troops by the Russians. The West…. well, this is not in their playbook. Its always has been in the Soviet one though and ALL the other WP “client states” know this. Or suspect it…
    In any event, It will take time for the truth to percolate out, of course… but imo, not fast enough for the west nor slow enough for the Soviets.

    No where near slow enough for the Soviets….

    Just wow. This is gonna backfire.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Throw in a few variables such as NATO chemical weapons being launched minutes before the detonation and this could get messy.


  3. . I gasped when I finally realized that other readers comments were on target. I expected the allied fleet would be nuked based on the submarine withdrawal, but never considered that the Soviets would bomb their own HQ. You have to wonder what the two pilots will say when they are on trial for war crimes. Or, are they already dead so they cannot talk? Air burst when they expected a ground burst? Diabolical…….. will the fleet be hit in retaliation for the weapon south of Berlin?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think if they aren’t dead in the next few hours they might off themselves when it becomes clear what they’ve done.
      As for your final question….No Comment 🙂


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