Novel Update: 4 June, 2022

It has been months since the last novel update, and I apologize for being somewhat lax on that front. Unfortunately, not much has changed. The war in Ukraine continues to rage, much to the surprise of practically everyone. Until the conflict draws closer to a conclusion and the dust begins to settle, Red Blitz (still the working title, but I dislike it) will remain in a publisher-induced coma. I am not thrilled with the predicament, but I understand where the publisher is coming from. From an author’s point of view, however, it is incredibly frustrating to have completed a novel only to see it hijacked by real world events. There’s a lesson there for up-and-coming technothriller writers; If your manuscript is competing with real world events to any degree, DO NOT WASTE ANY TIME.

As Red Blitz remains in a coma, the focus of my professional writing has turned to the next manuscript, centered on a US-China War in the Western Pacific. I’m moving forward on this front with a green light from my publisher. I expect to have the manuscript edited and completed by early September. So, in many ways the Summer of ’22 will be strikingly similar to the Summer of ’21. But if China invades Taiwan by Labor Day, I swear to God I’ll catch a plane to Taipei, join the ROCAF and make Beijing pay for wrecking my second novel manuscript. I’ll be the Ghost of Taipei 😊

Worst case scenario for Red Blitz is that it becomes my second novel. US-China War moves into the #1 slot and at some point in the future, Red Blitz will see the light of day. Hope this doesn’t turn out to be the case, but as I’ve learned over the last 12 months, anything is possible.

So, tomorrow I’ll wrap up the review of One Second After and on Monday we start the primers for D+23. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. –Mike

18 Replies to “Novel Update: 4 June, 2022”

  1. Appreciate the update Mike, and I’m sure it’s been a real frustration for you – but we’re looking forward to reading as and when we’re able to!

    Ghost of Taipei, indeed…

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    1. Bill, I’ve learned so much about the publishing world in the past 12 months. Some good, some bad. But it’s been a hell of a fun journey so far, despite real world events detouring me a bit


    1. I’ll drink to that. Sooner or later it’ll come to blows though, unfortunately. I only hope we’re ready


  2. Hi again Mike,

    While I’m sure the publisher knows what they are doing I find this a bit odd. At least around here disliking Russians (well, hating if I’m being honest) is again fashionable and I’d think a book where they get their backsides kicked would do much better now than it would have a couple of years ago.

    Anyway, looking forward to it and enjoying this ride while it lasts, thanks again for the huge effort!

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    1. For what it’s worth, I agree with you. Unfortunately, the publisher has placed the book on hold and we’ve moved ahead with book #2, which will be out probably early on in 2023. This one looks at a contemporary Sino-US conflict in the Pacific


      1. That sounds very interesting as well, perhaps even more than the NATO/WP conflict since it’s pretty much uncharted territory at least for me!

        I’m curious how you’re going to handle that since modeling Chinese performance and equipment is not as exact science as well-studied Soviet stuff. Bear and the Dragon hasn’t aged very well and that’s pretty much all I have ever read in the area, current Twitter [do you have an account there by the way, I tried looking but couldn’t find anything?] “experts” tend to either exaggarate or downplay Chinese capabilities.

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        1. I do have a Twitter account. WorldWarIII1987 🙂 I’m pretty active there as well.

          Well, as far as modeling PLAN and PLAAF equipment and doctrine goes, I’ve done some of that during my professional life. The amount of data out there for public consumption is large but the key is knowing where to find it.

          And yea the Twitter OSINT ‘experts’ are having difficulty with China. Not as cut and dried as Ukraine and Russia have been. They’re having trouble doing more than just reporting public information and trying to make it seem like their own. 🙂


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