Requesting Some Feedback From the Readers

Afternoon, everyone! I hope this post finds you well on this October Thursday.

Saturday* I’ll be posting the first installment of the Baltic Approaches D+14 but before I do that I’d like to ask you, the readers, for a little feedback on an idea I’ve been kicking around this week.

For a while now, many readers have asked if I am also working on a novel based on the timeline and events in the blog. Well, I have been, and the manuscript is complete, edited and ready to go. The pandemic has pushed the publishing schedule back considerably and now it doesn’t seem likely that the book will see the light of day until mid-January, 2021. If it weren’t for COVID, the book would be out and available right now.

I’ve been discussing the possibility of releasing a couple of chapters from the manuscript on this blog to give the readers a preview of the book. The publisher has agreed to allow me to provide a limited preview of 2 or maybe 3 chapters around late November or early December.

So, if you would like to see a preview of the novel around the start of the Holiday season, let me know. If enough folks are interested, I’ll post the chapters. If not, then you’ll have to wait for the book’s release in early 2021. 😊 – Mike

* Revised the date for Baltic Approaches D+14 Part I. Running a bit behind at the end of this week.

75 Replies to “Requesting Some Feedback From the Readers”

  1. Woohoo! I’ve always wanted to ask if this was coming, but so damned reserved (English) at times …

    Definitely keen to see these early chapters – and more than happy to cast a critical eye as / when needed.

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    1. Let me check and make sure the publisher is okay with me revealing who they are before the marketing officially starts.
      Once I find out its okay, I’m DM you the house info.

      Hey, self-publishing is a good way to go these days. Especially with Kindle and all

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  2. Sure thing…. and if hindsight is anything, its not surprising there might be a book involved around this.

    Given the number of alt-history/”What If” books that grace my shelves (Cauldron, Vortex, Red Storm Rising to name three), one more isn’t a leap for me to go looking at and or possibly purchase. 🙂

    The entire WW3 story genre has gotten dated only because history has marched forward. Doesn’t mean they can’t be entertaining!! I look forward to seeing/reading some of the tome you have penned.

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  3. A reader from Spain.
    Although never I wrote here before, I have been reading you from almost the beginning.
    First of all, congratulations for your great job.
    Second, it would be so great to read a preview of your book! I am sure it will be more than excellent!

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    1. Thank you very much, Javier 🙂 I’m glad you decided to respond, especially since you’ve been reading from the early days


  4. Hey Mike, I’ve been faithfully following the blog since I discovered it back in January. I binge read what I had missed to that point and eagerly await the next installment. I can understand how my dad felt with the serial movies back in the 1930s and 1940s that he would watch week-to-week.

    All that to say that I would love to read your novel. I’m sure that it would be amongst the best in speculative fiction. I’ve very much enjoyed the blog to date and can only imagine how much better a novel would be. Please share with us.

    Thanks for your writing and insights on a world that never was.

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    1. My pleasure, Dave and thank you for taking the time to read and follow this blog. Great comparison with the serial movies from the 30s. That’s why I try to average a new entry every 2-3 days. Have to stay fresh


    1. New material mostly, but it follows the timeline of the blog. Core group of characters, military mostly from both sides of the Curtain. Some theaters aren’t discussed to the degree that they are in the blog though.

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  5. I’d certainly enjoy getting a feel for your novel Mike. Have been enjoying the blog consistently, long may it continue. Hope this finds you well too.

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  6. I‘d love to read some chapters. Glad you keep the post alive. By the way, will see in the near future the debut of Swedish ground forces. It makes a lot sense to defend Sweden on the other side of the frontier, doesn‘t it?

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  7. Of course, any content is welcome. Your tale is one of the best “What ifs” I have read so far. There is very little here that seems far fetched fromwhat I remember of the time. You vcan also put me down for a copy of the book. I would be happy to to support you for all the entertainment you hhave provided over the years.

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  8. Would love to see it and would definitely buy it!
    Been following since you started, pretty impressive.
    I have one moan………. As an ex Royal Marine who spent pretty much every winter during the 80’s in Norway, I would love to see a good post on our efforts in Northern Norway. We had more ambush sites pre recce’d and explosive points prepped than you can shake a stick at! IMHO the Sov’s would of got creamed coming down the E6!


    1. Thanks so much, Mark. You’re right, and I do want to shed some light on 3 Commando Brigade. You were actually there on the ground so you have a great point of view. Might have to pick your brain 🙂


    1. Thanks, Dave. That brings up a good point. This will be a one book Installment Similar in size to red storm rising or Larry bond’s earlier work. I know the book series are kind of in vogue right now but I’m a traditionalist

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  9. VERY interested in seeing this Mike. As an avid fan of Hacket’s ‘semi’ fictional WWIII books through the Rouch’s ‘Zone’ series, with everything in between, I’m a fan of the genre. Look forward to it.

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  10. A whole array of me wants the instant gratification, but I’ve also got a TBR pile which is building up in an embarrassing way – so can I vote for delayed gratification? I’d love it for your book to be the thing that I got to read when I finally get to go back on the road and get on a plane in 2021.


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