The Central Front D+9 (18 July, 1987) Part IV


Southern Germany Timeline  D+6 to D+9


-The northern prong of the Warsaw Pact effort through Bavaria remains directed at Nuremberg. The advance dries up almost completely and with the decisive fighting going on up north, the prospect of significant reinforcement is remote. Nor is there the chance of a secondary advance coming south out of East Germany. 8th Guards Army, and 1st Guards Tank Army have their hands full. The drive to Nuremberg continues but in a reduced capacity.


-The southern prong becomes the primary effort and resumes the advance on Regensburg, capturing the city after heavy fighting.



NATO counterattack at Regensburg. 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade fails to dislodge the WP grip on the city, but the move prevents Pact forces from moving to the opposite side of the Danube and continuing the advance.


-US 3rd Infantry Division spars with Soviet and Czech divisions near Bayreuth. The encounters develop into a large-scale meeting engagement that lasts for thirty-six hours and ends with the decisive defeat of two Warsaw Pact divisions.


-Fighting in the V Corps area has picked up throughout the day as 1st GTA thrusts westward, prompting the VII Corps commander to move the US 1st Infantry Division forward and position one of its brigade north of Bamberg to serve as a tripwire should a Soviet move south into VII Corps sector materialize.


-The 3rd Squadron/2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment rejoins its parent unit.



-From Regensburg the Czech 1st Tank Division and 19th Motor Rifle Division spearhead the advance southwest towards Munich. Their movement is preceded by Soviet airmobile infantry assaults on bridges along the Danube, as well as targets in the West German II Corps rear area. Initial gains are made, but as the day goes on enemy resistance becomes stronger.


-With a major battle still unfolding in V Corps main battle area, but the VII Corps sector remaining relatively calm, CENTAG planners begin to examine possibilities for the employment of the heavy corps in an offensive role.



-The US 3rd Infantry Division, supported by the 2nd ACR probes northeast towards the Czech border.


-West German II Corps halts the Warsaw Pact advance towards Munich, handing the 1st Czech Tank Division a decisive defeat.



4 Replies to “The Central Front D+9 (18 July, 1987) Part IV”

  1. A mixed bag for NATO but mostly positive, I think.

    The Pact forces haven’t started locally using CW have they? I know that’s a red line for NATO, and counterattack will be met with reciprocity, something they really don’t want to start an inexorable slide towards. I figure if anything had gone down you’d have made note of it, but I figured I’d ask.

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  2. At this point it would be counterproductive, NATO is already mobilised and the troops are entrenched, so casualties would be limited and it can trigger a nuclear response…

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    1. I think they could get away with it in southern Germany. It’s basically a sideshow and if VII Corps moved into Czechoslovakia, it wouldn’t affect the main Warsaw Pact effort in the north.


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