Midweek Odds & Ends

Odd #1

I was looking around on BoardgameGeek.com earlier today and browsing game titles of more temporary World War III hypotheticals. I was specifically searching for air and naval centered games in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. To my disappointment I’ve only found a limited number of these games so far. Judging from reviews I’ve read the aggregate quality appears to be average at best. But reviews never tell the whole tale, so I’ll have to try one or two titles out on Vassal and see for myself. The titles are fairly recent, with three of the four having been published in the last seven years or so. Even more interesting is the range of game-types, going from traditional wargames with hex maps to one set up as a strategy game. As time goes on, I’m becoming more disillusioned with the new style counters found in contemporary games. I am a traditionalist at heart and spent most of my life playing tabletop games with NATO symbols. In the past decade we’ve seen a shift to the icon counters designed with miniature tanks, troops and aircraft instead.

I loathe these counters for a myriad of reasons and will not go into a rant on the subject now. 😊 But I will probably talk about it more at some point in the future. From my own experiences it seems that gamers who have spent time in uniform (officers especially) are partial to the NATO symbol counters.

Odd #2

Fleet Week 2023 kicked off today in New York City. Historically, the US Navy sends a decent number of warships to NYC for Fleet Week, usually accompanied by one or two ships from the naval arms of some of our allies. There used to be an aircraft carrier as well but since New York has a law against nuclear-powered ships in its waters, and we do not have any conventionally powered carriers left, it has been over twenty years since a US flattop has sailed under the Verrazano Bridge. I have to say, this year’s list of participating ships is disappointing to say the least.

Most of the ships this year are from foreign navies. Canada, Great Britain and even Italy have all sent one ship each. The Coast Guard is contributing two ships. But the US Navy’s show of force is pitifully small, made up of the USS Wasp (LHD-1) USS Oak Hill (LSD-51) and the USNS Newport. Two ‘phibs and a transport ship. No destroyers or cruisers. New York City doesn’t even rate an LCS! Okay, Wasp has a flight deck but she’s still a ‘phib. Don’t give me that sea control garbage 😉


I am going to put the entirety of the WWIII 1987 bibliography together on a PDF and make it available to download around mid-summer. Between now and then I’ll offer up a couple of entries with abbreviated sections of the bibliography. Just enough to whet the appetite and give you an idea of the amount of research material that went into this blog.


17 Replies to “Midweek Odds & Ends”

  1. You can’t talk wargame titles without giving us the titles!

    Did Fleet Week after Gulf War/DESERT STORM. I wish I could remember more but, 1) That was long ago and, 2) It was Fleet Week after DESERT STORM where we had fought 🍻

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    1. Ok, ok. 🙂 Breaking the Chains 2.0, South China Sea and South China Sea Vol. 2: Indian Ocean Region and some 7th Fleet with a Mod.

      I’m sure that was a hell of a time. No wonder you can’t remember more! Funny side note, Fleet Week ’90, the year before was my first time at the event. They had two frigates, a cruiser and sub tender in Staten Island alone. Took two days to cover all the ships on both sides of the river

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  2. Assuming you mean contemporary WW3 titles, Compass Games have Breaking the Chains 2.0 and Blue Water Navy: The Pacific on preorder currently, as well as South China Sea and South China Sea Vol. 2: Indian Ocean Region available now.

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    1. Breaking the Chains and South China Sea Vol 1 and 2 were some of the titles I was talking about. Nice catch! 🙂 They’re not bad games at all. I was just expecting the moon and the stars. My expectations are too damn high


  3. I’m an enlisted guy. I prefer little soldiers with action grips and tiny rolling metal tanks. For realism I add the “vroom vroom pew pew pew boom aahhhhh” sounds during movement/battle/results turns as appropriate.

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    1. See that, you’re taking the initiative with those realistic battle sounds. 🙂 That’s worth a battlefield commission, Chris 🙂


  4. Not quite 20… Fleet Week 2005 had a carrier- the Kennedy. I know because I was Force Protection on the pier where she was moored.

    Fun time, that week was. Nearly had a LCDR who was being highly unintelligent get shot by both our FP and the Kennedy’s MA’s…. (yes, there is a story there.)

    The Wasp at least has Marines…. so they are likely giving the Force Protection boys some fun mocking those who can’t hold their booze. 🙂

    As for the West Pac/IO oriented games, yeah, the pickings are slim.

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    1. I definitely want to her that story!! 🙂

      The Wasp guys and gals are having fun ashore, I’m certain LOL


  5. It may show how thin the USN destroyer fleet is stretched out on patrol duty as the older ones get retired. Also going to be a big gap in carrier air defence when those Aegis cruisers finally get pulled?
    Naval/air games wise has a company like GMT done anything to update or modernise the Cold War era Fleet series?

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    1. There are a lot of gaps coming, sadly. You’re right.

      Nothing new, Mike. Supposedly there’s a Fleet Series rebuild coming but nothing yet


  6. I remember riding the number 7 train out to Flushing with lots of sharply dressed sailors who were going to Mets game. Good old days.

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