Freedom’s Last Stand Preview #1

Happy Monday, everyone. I’ve opted to make a change in the post rotation and push up the first preview of Freedom’s Last Stand, the US-China War blog to today. The entry originally scheduled for publication today will be posted on 10 February instead. Two factors influenced this decision. First, February is a short month and I want to make certain there is enough time to get three previews in by the end of the month so we can begin voting in early March. The second reason is simply that China is a hot topic given events over this past weekend.

The second blog option is titled Freedom’s Last Stand, and will cover a war between the People’s Republic of China and the United States in the 2030s, culminating with a Chinese invasion of the continental United States. A significant chunk of the early entries will be devoted to the back story, covering the seven plus years leading up to the final clash between the US and China. In topic matter and presentation Freedom will have some significant differences from WWIII 1987 and Liberty in Peril. I will talk more about this before we start to seriously discuss which direction to go in beyond WWIII 1987.

The first major difference will be evident in this preview as it is presented in narrative form. Hope you enjoy it and as always, comments are welcomed. 😊 –Mike  


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