First Half of February, 2023

Happy Groundhog Day, everybody. Apparently, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning which means six more weeks of winter. If the coming weeks will be anything like the previous six, I think I can put away the rock salt and snowblower for the rest of the season. Winter has been a major bust so far here in the eastern US. So, here we are at the start of February. As has been the case lately, I’m taking the opportunity to layout the topics to be discussed over the first half of the month. I’ll try and keep up a tempo of one entry every other day. It worked well for January, but sometimes life gets in the way and an extra day now and then becomes necessary. For now, here is a list of the subjects that will be covered between today and 16 February, 2023.

4 February– WWIII in Numbers (Second Entry)

6 February– Naval Losses: Death of the Kitty Hawk

8 February– 5 Primary Factors That Contributed To The Soviet/WP Defeat On The Central Front Part I

10 February– US-China War Preview #1

12- February– Wargame Scenario Update and Game Review

14 February– NATO and Warsaw Pact Air Losses on the Central Front D+0 through D+6

16 February– Ammunition Expenditures on the Central Front in WWIII

2 Replies to “First Half of February, 2023”

  1. Mike – Today’s big news about the Red Chinese surveillance balloons ( might be more than one ! ) floating over the United States ‘must be a gift’ for the opening round of your of US-China War preview invasion of the United States. of course this was all predicted by Nena back in the 1980’s with her hit 99 Red Balllons. Surely you remember the song. . .. 99 Red balloons floating in the Summer Sky . . . Panic bells it’s red alert, there’s something here from somewhere else. . . Lol.

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    1. Yep, the news kind of falls into like with the US-China War preview as well as the US-China war novel being released soon 🙂

      Ah, Nena was absolutely prophetic 🙂


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