Liberty In Peril Preview #3

Okay, folks. Here is the final preview for Liberty In Peril. The events in this timeline entry are from D+1 the second day of war. I realize the previous LIP preview entry covered D+2 so this is a bit of a retrograde and I apologize for that. But seeing as these are just previews and not true-to-life entries, I’m hoping most readers will let it pass.

So, the Liberty In Peril preview is wrapped up. Next will be preview entries for the US-China War/Chinese Invasion blog. I’ll post 3 entries between now and late February and then on 1 March I’ll post a poll. Readers can vote for whichever blog appeals to you the most and we’ll go from there.

Back to 1987 for the next week or so now, troops. We’ll cover the sinking of the Kitty Hawk, discuss the factors leading to the Soviet/WP defeat on the Central Front, tie up some loose ends and maybe sneak in a review. Enjoy the games today. Damn Eagles are winning. Ugh!

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