Odds And Ends 21, January, 2023

Here we are once again on a January weekend. Which means NFL playoffs and since the Giants are playing this evening it is now officially Gameday. I’d apologize to the British and other European readers about how swept up us Americans get in playoff football, but I don’t think it’s necessary. You guys can relate, seeing how fanatical you all get with soccer. 😊 So this will just be a small collection of odds and ends and we will pick up with the heavier topics again starting on Monday. Enjoy the weekend!


WWIII 1987 wargame scenario news. Around Christmas I mentioned I was holding off on updating the first scenario and releasing the rough draft of Scenario 2 in anticipation of an upcoming Command Modern Operations major update. Well, on January 5, Matrix Games released a post claiming the update was “set to release just a few days from now.” Here we are on 21 January and so far, nothing. That’s a long ‘few days.’ So, I am just going to push ahead with editing Eastern Med and getting Fulcrums at Dawn prepped for release by early February.


I appreciate all the feedback from readers on Liberty In Peril. To answer a few questions that many of you asked in the comments: 1. Yes, the premise is loosely based on the scenario found in Red Dawn (the real one not the shitty remake.) 2. Colonel Buela’s leadership played a key role in stopping the first attempt to dislodge the Soviet and Cuban paratroopers from the base of the Rocky Mountains. 😊  3. Overall, I think a premise similar to Red Dawn is best since most of us are quite familiar with some events from the storyline of the movie. And to be honest, creating an entirely new world that leads to a Soviet bloc invasion of the US would take an incredible amount of time and effort. Gaming out an attack from Mexico followed by reinforcement from the northwest (Alaska, say) is easier.


Monday’s post will look at some of the unresolved or burgeoning geopolitical rivalries and flashpoints the conclusion of the Third World War dumped on the world. Think Persian Gulf, Sino-Soviet and even Arab-Israeli. Wednesday will be an entry looking at a few factors which contributed heavily to the Warsaw Pact defeat on the Central Front. We’ll end the week with the conclusion to Today’s Friend, Tomorrow’s Enemy.


12 Replies to “Odds And Ends 21, January, 2023”

  1. A tweak on the Red Dawn scenario is available by the company behind the Flames of War and Team Yankee miniatures wargames. I think you may find it useful.

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  2. Mike – Slitherine announced on Friday that the big CMO – War Planner update will be released on Tuesday 24th January, therefore you should be able to press ahead with your CMO scenario’s. I’m unable to give you the Matrix Games or Slitherine link of the announcement ( as both websites are unavailable on Sunday ) but it was also announced on Slitherines end of week, Tea Time news on Friday. Check out their ‘News video’ – I’ve fast forwarded the YT news video link to their January announcements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGqeoMHU4yU&t=1280s

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  3. Hey Mike,

    Sorry to finally be *that* guy, but what happened to the post about Kitty Hawk and STRIKFLTLANT Post-Backfires on D+24? It’s been almost three months since we visited up there, did it end up getting kicked to the wayside as other things came up? If so, when will we get to see it?

    Thank you

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    1. Not a problem, Tyler. And yeah, Kitty sort of fell between the cracks a bit but I will put it out in early February. Definitely before V-Day


  4. Great re: the scenarios …. I received a very fortuitous email from Steam saying some of the games on my wishlist were on sale and wham! CMO was 50% off, so of course, I just had to buy it (I had already bought the Red Tide and Northern Inferno DLCs) …. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, CMO was at 50% off, Steam and regular versions. I believe they still are too. The update was released too and it’s just a massive addition. So many new aspects to get used to.


  5. What happened to the world of sport in your 1987 World War 3 timeline? In the TL, the only sports league that was playing at the time of the war was Major League Baseball. IMO, the MLB likely shuts down as war becomes likely, and the split season situation that occurred in 1981 due to the baseball strike likely occurs here after the war ends. The NFL did have the American Bowl (an NFL game played in London) at this time–and that likely gets played, if a bit delayed, IMO…

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    1. Tommy, Thank You!! 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this question for years. I think you’re right. MLB would shut down for a period. Once the war is over, games would probably start back up. Split season, or they simply pick up where they left off. NFL training camps would be delayed as well, hence a late start for the football season. Pro and probably college too.


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