Charting Out the Rest of December

I got back stateside on Saturday night. When we disembarked from the Queen Mary 2 on Saturday morning, I saw that the weather was questionable for Southeastern England from Sunday through Monday afternoon. Freezing fog, snow, ice, etc. My original plan was to head up to Lakenheath and then fly out from Heathrow Sunday night. Instead, I switched my flight and hightailed it out yesterday. Judging by the news reports from England, I made the right choice. 😊

Now I’m back and slowly getting my bearings again. I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss the blog plan for the rest of December. I think a mixed bag of topics will be the best way to close out 2022. A couple of interviews, maybe a book or game review, and tie up the details from D+24 and D+25 that I haven’t gotten around to yet. Along with additional entries for Naval Losses and kicking off some unit histories and statistics from the Third World War. Then after the new year rings in we can push ahead to more in-depth examinations of the battles at sea, in the air and on land from each theater.

I’ve received some feedback on the Eastern Med Shootout scenario I posted on the Command Modern Operations Forum. Some good points were made, and I’ll make some revisions between now and Christmas and repost. Originally, I was planning to post a second scenario by 25 December but just learned that a major update is coming shortly for CMO. So, I’ll hold off and see if it drops by 28 December or so. If it doesn’t, I’ll put up the next scenario and deal with any update-related problems down the line. Scenario #2 is going to be an air-intensive scenario covering operations in the 4th ATAF sector on D+0.

I’d also like to talk more about the convoy situation in WWIII at some point between now and the end of the year. Even though an ocean liner is a more luxurious way to cross the Atlantic, I can understand what it would’ve been like for the sailors and soldiers aboard the merchant ships in July, 1987. My crossing wasn’t too bad weather-wise by North Atlantic standards. The seas and winds were not calm by any means. There were moments when it was easy to remember the QM2 was in the middle of the North Atlantic in December. Even in the casino or Chart Room. 😊

Southampton also seems like an interesting port city. I wish I had more time to explore it. A couple readers pointed out some places that are worth a visit. My next time through I will certainly make it a point to spend at least a day there and take in the city. As for London……well, London is London. I wasn’t there long enough to take in any sights again unfortunately. I had a plane to catch. The car service dropped me off at Heathrow and within fifteen minutes my luggage was checked in and I was sitting down to my first gin and tonic in the Concorde Club.  

In closing I will say that after my flight on Saturday British Airways has gained a lifetime customer in me. I’ll never fly another airline. More important, if I have my way, I will never fly across the Atlantic again in anything other than BA First Class. Even if I must sell a kidney to afford the ticket. 😊 Honestly, it was that fantastic. The reviews simply do it no justice.


5 Replies to “Charting Out the Rest of December”

  1. Glad to hear you have got some insight on waterborne crossings… even if it was a luxurious means. 🙂

    Flying across the pond: BA has a good rep. For me, having flown United, Continental and Lufhansa, I am sold on the Germans… they were damn good the last three times crossed the Atlantic. If I ever get a chance to go back to Europe as a civilian, I’m likely to do it on Lufhansa again.

    Look forward to discussing stuff sometime soon. 🙂

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  2. Sounds great – I’d also recommend having a look at Portsmouth, especially the Historic Dockyard, if you haven’t already …. the Mary Rose, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, Royal Navy Museum, etc. plus there are other museums nearby (Naval Firepower, D-Day, Submarine and Fort Nelson).

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    1. I have gotten over to Portsmouth and have taken in all of that back when I was living in wonderful East Anglia. Our British friends took us through Portsmouth and many other wonderful places.

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