Convoy ’22 Will Arrive in Southampton On Saturday Morning

QM2 arrives in Southampton early tomorrow marking a successful conclusion to the crossing of Convoy ’22. It wasn’t exactly a wartime cruise but I can definitely say I have newfound respect for all merchant and navy sailors who’ve made this trip in war and peace. Granted, the QM2 isn’t exactly a Liberty Ship or SL-7 so I can’t complain too much. The weather cooperated too, which helped out.

So, back to the blog now. I’ll be flying out of Heathrow on Sunday and plan to put together a post on the flight back to the US. Maybe a post about a convoy in the North Atlantic back in 1987. πŸ™‚ Would be appropriate. We’ll have to see! –Mike

4 Replies to “Convoy ’22 Will Arrive in Southampton On Saturday Morning”

    1. The Eagle is faster, even when being dragged by a tanker. But the luxury and comfort of the QM2 is unparalleled and I think everyone needs to experience it


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