Early December 2022 Outlook For The Blog

Good afternoon! 😊 Time constraints will force me to keep this short, but I wanted to jump on here and discuss the plan for the blog between now and 13-14 December, 2022.

To make a long story short, I will be pulling convoy duty in the North Atlantic between tomorrow and next Saturday aboard a tramp steamer named the Queen Mary 2. I don’t know, but apparently she has the reputation of being a rather upper crust Downton Abbey sort of ocean liner. I’m not impressed. 😉 She will do the job of getting me from New York to Southampton though, and for that I’m grateful. Embarkation is in just under twenty-four hours from now and I’m tying up loose ends. I never realized everything that goes into preparing for a Cunard cruise. Good Lord.

Even though I’ll be in the midst of crossing the pond for the next week, there will be WWIII 1987 entries published. I’m setting up a pair of blog entries to drop on next Monday and Wednesday. If I finish up a third, I’ll include that one for next Thursday or Friday. As for tomorrow, I’ll make available the first World War III 1987 scenario for Command Modern Operations. The logistics are still being worked out. Essentially what this means is that I have not figured out if I can make the scenario available through the blog or if I have to post it on the CMO website and link it here.

From what I’ve been told, Wi-Fi shouldn’t be a major issue on the boat. Just as long as I’m not looking to use it to stream or hold video meetings. If this is the case, I’ll try to reply to comments as much as I can. If there’s a problem with one of the posts I’ll do my best to solve it from the middle of the North Atlantic…..in December. I’m sure it will be a smooth ride across.


12 Replies to “Early December 2022 Outlook For The Blog”

    1. Yes, the big reveal. QM 2 across the pond. I haven’t been to Southampton in years but I’m looking forward to checking it out once again. As well as a couple of old haunts before I fly back.

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    1. Just a couple of days, sadly. Disembark next Saturday at Southampton and I’ll spend a couple days visiting some old stomping grounds before flying out from Heathrow on Monday.


    1. Kind of. LOL I’m looking forward to sampling the North Atlantic in the winter and imagine what convoy duty might’ve been like. Only I’m doing it in style on the QM2 instead of aboard a merchant ship. 🙂


    1. I wish I was going to be over long enough. Unfortunately, I’m flying back Sunday afternoon. But next time I am over in the spring I’ll have more than enough time and we’ll link up. BTW, it was a great trip


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