Coming Up Wednesday: Movie Review Of World War III (1998)

Well, it’s Monday and Thanksgiving Week. As always, this is a chaotic time of the year. The transition from Thanksgiving to the Christmas season happens in the blink of an eye practically. One minute you’re watching football and helping to baste a 22 lb turkey and the next you’re headed out to fight the Black Friday crowds and wondering what to get your fourth cousin-twice removed for Christmas. Madness, in other words. 😊

Anyway, to open the first half of this Thanksgiving Week I’d like to review a favorite World War III-themed movie of mine. I have wanted to review it for a while but could never find the time. So, instead of brining and cooking a turkey on Wednesday, I plan to write up and post a review of World War III, a German alternate history documentary released in 1998. Originally, I had hoped to have it written and posted by tonight, but after a Thanksgiving shopping trip to four stores and one farm between two states I decided to hold off until Wednesday.

To summarize the film quickly, World War III is an alternative history documentary that covers the path to global war following a coup by Soviet hardliners in October, 1989. Eastern Europe was on a powder keg and Mikhail Gorbachev’s programs of reform were causing considerable hardship in the Soviet Union. In order to preserve the State and minimize the damage Gorbachev was inflicting, hardliners stepped in and took control. In the coming months there are crises between East and West with each one pushing the superpowers and their accompanying alliances closer to war. Until finally the balloon goes up and all hell breaks loose.

World War III is a quality film that has held up quite well over the years. I’m looking forward to reviewing it on Wednesday. For those of you who have never heard of it or watched it before, the full movie/documentary is available on YouTube. Check it out!


8 Replies to “Coming Up Wednesday: Movie Review Of World War III (1998)”

  1. Thanks! I am not familiar with this one. I was afraid that you meant the horrible mini-series from the early 80’s (pre-Day After). David Soul was in it. Besides the bad writing, it was so low budget.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. The David Soul/Rock Hudson movie was terrible. Yet I’ll still probably end up reviewing it one day. Hell of a star-studded cast for such a stinker


  2. Mike – I reckon you & your many WW3 in 1987 fans would be ‘over the moon’ to receive Team Yankees latest offering, namely their Red Dawn Soviet Starter force due for release next month ( just in time for Christmas ) for your tabletop battles. To be followed in the new year with a host of other releases, as detailed on the Team-Yankee website. of course the ‘icing on the cake’ will be this James Bond, From Russia with Love billboard ( in German ) to greet the Soviet & Warsaw pact armies, as they break through the Inner German border into West Germany.

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