WWIII Christmas Gift Ideas- Advance To Contact:1980, Alex Aaronson and James Rosone

Here we are in early November already. Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away and once that holiday is wrapped up it’ll be a straight shot to Christmas. Which means this is a good time to begin thinking about Christmas gifts for friends and family. And since this blog remains centered on World War III, I think a list of WWIII-themed Christmas gifts would make for a useful addendum to our usual Holiday shopping demands. So, between now and Christmas I’ll throw out a gift suggestion every so often. Hopefully one of them will provide a helpful gift idea for the warmonger on your Christmas list. Or for yourself. 😊

The first suggestion is Advance to Contact: 1980 the first book in Soviet Endgame, a series that will examine a hypothetical World War III which kicks off in 1980 shortly after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The book is written co-authored by Alex Aaronson and James Rosone, who worked together on the fourth and fifth novels of the Monroe Doctrine series. In Washington, the beleaguered Carter administration responds to the invasion in surprisingly aggressive fashion. The US and Soviet governments maneuver for geopolitical advantage and it is not long before US and Soviet troops are engaged in combat from the Middle East to Central America.

To be fair, the book was just released over the weekend, and I am only a few chapters into it but it’s been a thrilling ride so far. Remember back to events taking place in late 1979 and early 1980. The Iran Hostage Crisis was heating up, the Soviets were invading Afghanistan and back here at home there was a ‘Crisis of Confidence’ sapping our national resolve. It’s not terribly difficult to envision an alternate history where an emboldened Soviet Union pushes President Carter too far and unleashes a wave of unanticipated repercussions.

If you’re looking for an intense, page turning WWIII alternative history novel to give as a Christmas gift, Advance to Contact: 1980 looks to be your huckleberry. Aaronson and Rosone’s latest book is also worthy of a review before the end of the year. And maybe even an interview with one or both of the authors if I can arrange it.


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