November 2022 Outlook

November is here but to be fair, it still sort of feels like September in this part of the country. I’d prefer it to be a little brisker at this time of the year but I’m sure the weather will change for good by Thanksgiving. Anyway, there is a lot on the docket this month for the blog. The plan is to knock out 14 or 15 entries spanning several categories and areas of interest, some familiar and others relatively new. Also, I’m making progress on the WWIII 1987 wargame scenarios. For those of you interested, I’ll provide an update or two during the month, but be advised, I’m looking at releasing the first couple by mid-December at the latest.

In conclusion, I just wanted to remind everyone November is National Novel Writing month so if any of you are working on a project, feel free to share some details on it.

  • D+24– I’ll continue work in November on concluding the day in non-European theaters. Arabian Peninsula/Persian Gulf is the priority so expect to see that first. More details posts on the nuclear exchanges on D+24 and the events leading up to them will be provided too. I know a number of readers would like to learn more about the splintering of the Soviet government and the Pershing II strike on the Kremlin and Lubyanka.
  • D+25 & The Post War– I will also provide more information about the immediate aftermath of the Third World War. The fate of the Warsaw Pact and Soviet government, as well as the formal negotiations between NATO and the Soviet Union to officially bring the war to a close.
  • Memories of WWIII– Interviews of the men and women who served through or otherwise endured the Third World War will continue in November. The chance to provide first-person perspective to the war, or buildup to hostilities is turning out to be an interesting venture.
  • WWIII Book and Movie Reviews– I have a few titles in mind and will get to at least two between now and 1 December. One book and one movie. For the movie, I’m seriously considering WWIII (1998). It’s one of the best alternative history documentary-style films I’ve ever seen.

8 Replies to “November 2022 Outlook”

    1. No, but that World War III I want to review as well. The one with Hudson and Soul was World War III (1982). Good premise but terrible acting. Which I didn’t understand, given the cast


      1. Ok – I found WWIII (1998) on YouTube …. it sounds like it is narrated by David McCallum. It also leads to the films ‘First Strike’ and ‘Countdown to Looking Glass’.
        As well as WWIII (1982) I’d also recommend Threads, The Day After, The War Game, By Dawn’s Early Light, On the Beach, Fail Safe and When the Wind Blows.

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        1. Those are all great recommendations. I’ve reviewed The Day, Threads and By Dawns. Thinking about doing Countdown before the end of the year.

          Yeah, WWIIII (1998) was a great production.


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