What’s Ahead For The Remainder of October, 2022

Evening, Friends. 😊

First and foremost, apologies for not being able to wrap up Death of the Backfires last week. I detoured briefly to write up a book review and before I knew it I was running on vapors when it came to available writing time. It has been a busy past few days with final revisions being wrapped up and a ton of other book-related tasks and responsibilities taking priority. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; For anyone who wants to write as their day job, be very careful what you wish for and read the fine print.

Anyway, enough venting. I wanted to post a brief entry to discuss the topics that will be covered through the rest of the month. October is nearly halfway over and I’m working on a long-term plan for the blog through the rest of 2022. But before I can get to that, we need to wrap up October.

On Friday, 12 October I’ll be starting a new category centered on a series of interviews with a cross section of soldiers, general officers, politicians and civilians from both sides. The interviews will cover their experiences at various points of the war, as well as the leadup to war and post-war periods. I did an interview on an F-15 pilot back in the early days of the blog and incorporated some pieces of an interview with a Backfire pilot in the Death of posts. I think interviews will present details of the war from entirely new points of view. I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes.

On Sunday 14 October it’s back to D+24 to look at the day from the perspective of the Southern Flank. Then next week will see the first post covering naval losses in the Third World War, followed by another trip back to D+24, perhaps to view how folks in the US reacted to the major events of that day.

October’s final week will be a mix of tying up loose ends and a look at what what’s new in the world of wargames and/or WWIII fiction.

And that will do it. 😊 Thanks for taking the time to check out this post and I’ll talk to you soon. –Mike

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