Just A Reminder, 24 Hours Until We Review World War 1990: The Weser

Just a reminder, folks. On Thursday evening the review for William Stroock’s World War 1990: The Weser will be posted. Apparently, Mr. Stroock used his blog to attempt and throw shade in my direction today. He was kind enough to inform the few dozen readers who frequent his blog that I’m an “Aspiring Technothriller Writer.”

Well. I suppose I’d better inform my publisher, editor and agent that I’m simply an aspiring writer striving to become as skilled and polished an author as Mr. Stroock.

Just an FYI, the upcoming review could very well go two rounds (2 posts). I might decide to review the entire steaming pile of turds that is the World War: 1990 series since Mr. Stroock falsely believes I’ve been stalking his blog for years. I didn’t even know he was on Twitter until yesterday. On his latest blog post, he said “We’re tempted to give him a talking to about how the business works.”

Considering the fact I’m an author under contract and he’s still hawking his fiction on Kindle Unlimited through a fly-by-night ‘publisher’ I could probably teach him a few things about the business. But that’s neither here nor there.


20 Replies to “Just A Reminder, 24 Hours Until We Review World War 1990: The Weser”

  1. As a trial lawyer, I’m paid quite a bit to write for a living. You are an excellent writer and storyteller. I had no bad words for William Stroock before today, but have no good words for him now…

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. As a fellow JD, I sincerely appreciate it. As for Stroock, I didn’t have any bad words for him until he reacted badly to my attempt at helping him. I’ll probably feel bad about this whole thing by the end of the weekend but I want to do the review.

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      1. Well, sometimes you just need to provide a mental beatdown on some people before they learn their lesson.. Looking at the synopsis of each book that he has “published”. I can’t even figure out what order they’re in. It is a jumble of what ifs. He totally hackified himself in his description of “Arctic panzer wolf” or whatever the heck it’s called.
        “M-1 tanks, cruise missiles used to deadly effect by remorseless killing technocrats like Dick Cheney and Colin Powell, and their battlefield commander ‘Stormin’ Norman’ ” Painful.

        Your immense talent as a writer is evident by the way you have kept people salivating over your posts after all these years.

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        1. Thanks and I appreciate you and everyone else sticking around all these….years. My God, its hard to believe it has been so long.

          Oh the books aren’t in chronological order. I’ll touch on that in the review and do so in an objective way. Hopefully 😉


  2. Never heard of William Stroock or World War 1990: The Weser before today. It’s weird and sad in such a niche genre that he engages in needless backbiting.

    I get along swimmingly with my competitors. We send each other customers, revel in the others’ successes. Plenty of space for all in the little genre of RPGs

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    1. Agreed, Wayne. I’ve read his books before, even reviewed one on here before. I think he misinterpreted my attempt to help. I’ll probably sleep this frustration off and be objective with the review. After that, I won’t bother reviewing or mentioning his work from here on in.

      And you’re right. Plenty of space in this genre too, just like RPGs

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  3. I think you may be taking a troll’s bait here…i think youre better enough that you dont need to get dragged into this back and forth on your blog. Just my 2 cents as an outside observer.

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    1. I’m beginning to think you’re right. Either way, I have no beef with the guy and will probably sleep on it and write up an objective blog tomorrow that throws zero shade. I’ll just be careful about trying to help folks in the future.


    1. I have nothing against him as a person. Seemed like an ok guy from what I read and saw. As a writer, I simply think he’s capable of writing better.


  4. I know how it feels. I once had a run-in with the currently most successful WW2 history author in the UK, over a factually incorrect statement he made on Twitter. Instead of saying ‘thanks, didn’t know that’, he quote-tweeted me lamenting how accuracy was just cramping style, of course instigating a pile-on with his followers. So he’s got the only negative review I ever published on my blog.

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    1. Once a writer breaks out and is making it into a 24/7 career, his head grows immeasurably. Too bad that WW2 history author couldn’t simply thank you for your advice and move on.

      So, accuracy is cramping style in a history book? Wow, interesting take.

      Have I ever mentioned how great and deep your blog is? I’ve spent so much time on it lol It has gotten me through some very long train rides especially
      And I know how that goes on Twitter with the pile-on. Typical social media tactic.

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  5. I admire your dedication to the genre. You would have to pay me quite a lot to pick up another of his books. Like several of the below the line comments I also have several good words for the books, it’s just I can’t use them in polite company.

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  6. I have been reading this genre since I bought the Third World War by Hackett.

    His writing is scattered and hard to follow, the units and equipment is incorrect, and I struggle to follow along.
    You show accurate details to your work and your timeliness and events flow naturally. Your writing makes me want more and more of the story. You have a fan that is will be waiting for the release of all your books just like i did with Clancy, Coyle, and Bond. (Kindle editions….so much easier than paper)

    Torben is correct, he is baiting you . If you need to do a review of another Author. As a suggestion try the Harvey Black series of three books (I don’t remember you mentioning that one). That story flowed well but it is more Anglocentric

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    1. Thank you, Charles. Deeply appreciative of your words. I agree with you and Torben. Whether deliberate or not, it’s baiting. I’m just going to take the high road.

      Harvey Black’s series is fantastic. You’re right, I haven’t mentioned that series much yet but will make amends soon and discuss it. Yes, it was a very Anglocentric story, which wasn’t such a bad thing 🙂


  7. Having been in game publishing many years ago (christ, almost thirty years now!) and currently involved with another company as a demonstrator of their products, I am often amazed and heartened by the good natured competition between companies in same genres.

    It is not universal throughout the industry- there are many asshats and folks who actively are genuine tools… but for the most part, all these companies get along as its all about making models for games and/or rules for using them. Always an exception…. and I won’t name that one ’cause they really are tools about their image- even though they are their own worst enemy at times.

    Through my involvement with one company waaa-ay back, I got to meet several of the writers who put out product based on the company’s game. Some were actually kinda snarky but good natured… but in general, you could sit and talk with them as they were fans too of the genre they wrote in and tried to get it right. And even the grumpiest among them took advice on fixing an error in stride and did so (the lone exception to my knowledge was Mike Stackpole in some of his earlier battletech novels. In that case, he left the error in because it was a cool thing. Even if science says it can’t happen… and he was corrected A LOT. 🙂 )

    But within the writing community I was involved with, folks did try to help or corroborate with each other to put out good stuff. Or at least help another not look silly.

    Maybe its different among the techno-thriller folks. I know were it me, being told the image I used might be wrong and how to adjust it… well, while I would be annoyed, it would not be at the person trying to help me. My annoyance would be at me for not catching it. But then, when writing, I try to get it as correct as possible and would welcome the assist. I don’t know everything… that’s what Google and friends are for. 🙂

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