The Plan For Late September, 2022

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope the weekend was a good one for all of you. Now it’s back to reality for all of us regardless of whether we’re ready for it or not. Oh well, such is life. 😊

I was hoping to get out an entry on the initial negotiations between US and Soviet diplomats on D+25, but unfortunately, I have been tied down with packing and preparing to depart from the Jersey Shore on Wednesday. My summer long TDY has come to an end. Not surprisingly, I have far more to pack up than I had originally thought. Once the packing is wrapped up, I’ll get the entry up at some point between tomorrow night and Wednesday afternoon. 

Meanwhile, I wanted to take a minute and discuss what will be coming up through the rest of the month. I diverted somewhat from the original plan when I posted the Queen’s Address D-2. That entry took the place of the APPG Theater Modeling Tools Part II. I’m hoping to get that up by the end of the month.

After the coming politics entry we are going to jump back into D+24 and examine parts of the it in greater detail. The focus will be on events that took place on the Central Front and in the northern waters of the Norwegian Sea between 0000 and 2359 Hours (Zulu) on the day. For the Central Front this will include more information on the use of battlefield nuclear weapons chemical weapons.  

Come early October we’ll take a brief break from D+24 info and head in another direction for a few entries before eventually doubling back. As I’ve said before, there is still much to discuss about events on the day. –Mike

2 Replies to “The Plan For Late September, 2022”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I for one don’t mind you ‘doubling back’ and going into greater detail on past events, in other countries and other theatres of war leading upto D+24, maybe going into greater detail over the naval & naval/air confrontations with the cat & mouse game between NATO & the Soviet Union on the high seas would be particularly interesting.
    About the Queen speech, yes her address to the nation as well as the Commonwealth deserved a slot on your blog – come to think of it, the Commonwealth and the 14 independent nations to which she was head of state ( more back in 1987 ) deserved a special post in your blog. As it goes without saying that all the western nations that make up NATO would have automatically joined the war against the Soviet Union & the Warsaw pact but what about those Commonwealth countries to which the Queen is also head of state ? Canada for one is automatically committed to the war irrespective of monarchy & the Commonwealth; as her defence is closely tied up with the defence of North America together with the USA but what about Australia & New Zealand for example ? Will they automatically rally to the aid of the Mother Country back in ’87 ? like they did in WW1 & WW2 ? and therefore will ANZAC soldiers be flown into Western Europe to bolster the front line or will there be any sizable dissent against such moves by peace protestors or isolationists in those countries who don’t want to sucked into another European War even when the mother country is in peril ?

    I reckon that would be a very interesting addition to your blog accounting for those countries that joined the NATO western alliance as war broke out in 1987, despite not being members of NATO or being directly threatened by the war. On the Soviet / Warsaw Pact side I assume Cuba would have joined the Soviet side although not sure about Venezuela ?

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    1. Thanks John! 🙂

      I think if the war went on longer we’d see some Australian and New Zealand activity in the Western Pacific. More for their own interests rather than for the Queen 🙂

      I have a Central America/Caribbean section that talks about Cuba, Nicaragua and the war down in that area. It’s in the Peripheries section. It will likely answer most of your questions 🙂


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