Plan For The Remainder of D+24 and August, 2022

Good Sunday evening, everyone. I’m hoping all of you had a good weekend. As promised, I’m going to quickly run through the plan for the rest of D+24 and the next two weeks in general. Regrettably, I will not be able to jump back into completing the narrative entries for the final hours of D+24 right away. I have some professional obligations coming up which will regrettably be taking up most of my time. To make a long story short, my deadline was moved up and I need to have an entire manuscript complete in entirety and submitted by 1 September. No pressure, right? 😉

So, the remainder of D+24 will not be posted until around 22 August. Between now and then, I will limit entries to a handful of book and game reviews, along with one or two more WWIII related subjects to discuss. Like perhaps an early preview of the bibliography and works cited sections I’ll be posting later in the fall.  D+24 will wrap up the week of 22-27 August and then I’ll try to spend a week or so on tidying up the peripheries and theaters beyond the Central Front. Once Labor Day is over my plan is to double back and work on adding details to the earlier timeline entries for D+24.

Well, that is the plan and it is pretty feasible. As always if anything changes, I’ll keep you all in the loop. Have a great night!—Mike

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