Even A Paranoid Can Have Enemies D+24 (2 August, 1987) 0500-1030 Zulu

0500 Zulu– In Moscow the first indications of a Kremlin power struggle start to take shape. Marshal Akhromeyev informs KGB Chairman Viktor Chebrikov of the battlefield nuclear attacks in East Germany. Chebrikov advises the senior Soviet military officer to inform the general secretary of this event, and more significant, not to accept any orders by Romanov to conduct nuclear strikes against NATO forces. Akhromeyev does not indicate whether if he will abide with the chekist’s suggestion or not.

0520 Zulu– With tactical nuclear exchanges in Europe continuing, Strategic Air Command’s commander-in-chief General John Chain requests permission from President Reagan to raise SAC’s present alert level even higher. The president agrees.

0530 Zulu– General Secretary Romanov gives orders for an immediate attack on the US carrier fleet in the Norwegian Sea using both conventional and nuclear weapons. Akhromeyev informs him it will take time for the Red Banner Northern Fleet to stage forces and ascertain the exact position of the enemy carrier formations. Romanov reluctantly accepts the explanation and brings the Politburo meeting to a close. The body will meet again at 1300 local time.

0700 Zulu– Western TVD is struggling to gain control of the situation on the Central Front. Marshal Snetkov cannot contact any Soviet units west of the Inner-German Border. To make the matters even more dire, no one can reach Stendal, leaving him uncertain if General Korbutov and his staff are alive. He suspects not. As this realization sets in, Marshal Snetkov begins to face the possibility that he has lost complete control of the situation in his theater.

0800 Zulu– Small arms fire breaks out in and around the KGB headquarters building at Lubyanka.

0830 Zulu– Red Banner Northern Fleet launches a concentrated bomber attack against Strike Fleet Atlantic. Only conventional ordnance is used. The attack fails to damage or destroy any US capital ships, but a number of escort ships have been hit. Soviet air losses are catastrophically high. The war is over for the Backfire and Badger forces.

0900 Zulu– The Politburo reconvenes at the Kremlin, but a large number of its members are missing. Most notably, the KGB Chairman, Vladimir Dolgikh and all of the undecided and opposition members and candidates. Upon realizing this, General Secretary Romanov erupts in anger, believing a coup attempt is now underway. He orders Chebrikov, Dolgikh and the others to be arrested at once.

0930 Zulu– A near civil war has broken out in the KGB between Chebrikov loyalists and the faction controlled by his deputy Vladimir Kryuchkov. Both men are currently nowhere near Lubyanka as their minions vie for control of the Sword and the Shield. Kryuchkov is on his way to the Kremlin and safety. Chebrikov is in his private automobile driving towards the Lenin Hills with four BTRs filled with loyal KGB Security Troops escorting him. As the ad hoc convoy passed by Moscow State University, Chebribov leaned forward and addressed his long-time driver in a soft but direct tone of voice. “Boris Alexandrovich, I have known for some time who you really work for. I kept this information to myself because I believed that one day I might find myself in need of your help. Today is that day, my friend. I need the assistance of your erstwhile employers across the Atlantic Ocean.”

1015 Zulu– Romanov wants to know the status of the planned nuclear strike on the US carrier force. Marshal Akhromeyev tells him it will not be launched for another two hours. He tells the general secretary that initial reports from the bomber attacks suggest a number of enemy ships have been sunk. This does not satisfy Romanov, who goes off on a tangent accusing the marshal of plotting against him. Akhromeyev is dismissed, leaving just Romanov, a cadre of his supporters and the newly arrived commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces inside the Kremlin conference center.

Author’s Note: Alright, I bit off more than I can chew. It will take two entries to cover the remaining timeline for D+24, not one. So expect the remainder of the timeline to go up sometime on Saturday. 😊

22 Replies to “Even A Paranoid Can Have Enemies D+24 (2 August, 1987) 0500-1030 Zulu”

  1. This was a LOT!!!! When you conclude the day are you going to take some time to fill in some details? I think you hinted that you will expand on a couple of battles once you’ve concluded the story…
    And I’m an absolute sucker for the “Vampire Vampire” stories of fleet v Backfire/Badgers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Once I conclude the day, I’m going to take a week off and do a few reviews and game posts. Then I’m jumping right back into filling details.

      Don’t worry, I’ll definitely give the carrier battle a good write up. Both carrier battles because there’s still one looming 🙂


  2. As you had earlier indicated, you put a number of timeline concurrencies together. I’m assuming some of those actions will have deeper posts later. Great timeline.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, and yes, some of these actions will get more details in the deeper posts. Having a great time writing this timeline out. I’m going to be sad to see this war end 🙂


  3. Okay, stupid question here. When Chebrikov addresses his driver, is it “erstwhile employees” or “erstwhile employers”? Employees makes me think Boris Alexandrovich is a spymaster, while employer makes me think he’s simply an agent. Either way, this must tie back to Granite!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you caught that. It should’ve been ‘Employers’ and I went to fix it. My fault there, Mark. As for any ties to Granite….no comment…yet 🙂


  4. This is getting intense!

    The most troubling information is the anticipated strike against the carrier fleet. If it’s a strike by Backfires and the Navy hits a Kola peninsula base in retaliation, do the Russians escalate to a strategic strike?

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