Countering D+24 Mission Creep UGH!

Evening, everyone. I thought about a few different plans to increase the tempo of D+24 entries over the weekend. I realize the entries are bogging down now and take responsibility for that. There is so much I want to include in the entries to give readers a detailed picture of D+24, and with each entry that’s written, I find more details and information I want to add. To put it bluntly, mission creep has set in.

Fortunately, I think I’ve come up with a plan that will prevent D+24 from bogging down like the Russian Army outside of Kiev. 😊 We’ll give it a shot and see what happens. Here’s the deal….

Tomorrow I’ll post a short timeline style entry covering events up until 0500 Zulu. Then on Thursday an extended timeline will be posted to cover the remainder of D+24. The timeline will not be lengthy, but enough details will be covered for the reader to follow what is going on and where. Then starting around the 15th I’ll start writing up and posting narrative style entries covering the events on D+24 from 0500 Zulu through 2359 Zulu in greater detail. This way D+24 doesn’t bog down permanently and once the narrative entries are all complete, we can put the day to bed once and for all. Hopefully by Labor Day.

So that’s the plan. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so as always, feel free to leave a comment on the blog or on Twitter. Also, apologies for not keeping up with comments over the weekend. I’ll catch up with them tomorrow evening. Hope everyone is well. – Mike

14 Replies to “Countering D+24 Mission Creep UGH!”

  1. Excellent idea, allows the reader to place your detail/colour pieces in context. Waiting for some truly Machiavellian twists out of the Kremlin, and I expect Ronnie has a few tricks up his sleeve, not least managing Maggie before she manages him…

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  2. No worries, Mike! Present it the way you feel that it needs to be done. I barely notice the style change, as you are changing it to fit the situation. I don’t think the flow is impeded at all. The end result is that the narrative moves forward, at whichever pace is needed at the time. Enjoyable either way.

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  3. Thanks Mike, I feel like the orchestra is working up to the big crescendo which means that you the conductor have a lot of instruments to bring together. It’s worth the wait. Cheers, M

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  4. I know how things go, Mike, trust me. Whatever pace works best for you. I love the timelines, since they succinctly sum up the events over minutes or hours, but the lengthier “drilled down” focus on individual events when merited are appreciated as well. If I had to pick I’d say whatever’s meatiest. I’m going to be at the hospital with the wife for a good few days and will appreciate anything that’s good to read (and your works are good to read).

    ps plz no blow up world thx

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  5. Meanwhile over in the UK the UKWMO and the ROC will no doubt be bunkering down in their numerous ROC Posts & Sector HQ’s waiting for the big one. Which in real life never came of course, nevertheless they were well prepared thanks to a number of regular exercises. The UK’s Wintex-Cimex exercises (1979-1989) were biennial transition to war exercises, which involved civil servants playing the parts of ministers. The 1981 and 1983 exercises imagined scenarios in which the ORANGE Bloc (the Warsaw Pact – the Soviet Union and its allies) became increasingly militarily aggressive, culminating in attacks on BLUE alliance countries (The West and its allies – roughly equivalent to NATO) using conventional and chemical weapons. Faced with a collapse of BLUE defences in central Europe, and aerial bombing attacks on Britain, the British Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet are faced with a decision about whether to release British nuclear weapons to attack ORANGE military targets – so that ORANGE leaders can be dissuaded from further escalation and brought to the negotiating table.

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    1. That was always an interesting scenario. With everything going well for it on the continent, what could entice Orange to come to the negotiating table at that point? Would take a lot


  6. There is no reason to rush or recalibrate anything. Take your time and write this story the way you want to tell it. We are all still here at D+24 because we love reading what you write. If D+24 takes 3x entries or 30x, do it as you see fit.

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    1. Thanks! My plan is to finish the timeline this weekend and then do a narrative for the last 8 hours or so. There’s going to be a lot of details and all to cover

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