WWIII Summer Writing Update 2 August, 2022

Good evening from the Jersey Shore. Recently, a number of readers have been asking for an update on the status of the novels and some other summer writing projects I have underway. Since today was a research day and I wasn’t able to work on D+24, I thought tonight would be the perfect time to bring everybody up to speed on the status of the novels and other things.

First and foremost, there is no change with the status of Novel #1 (World War III 1987). It remains on the shelf and will not be released until the Russia-Ukraine War draws to a close or stabilizes…..or stalemates permanently, if you prefer that term. The book will be released. Right now it is simply a matter of when. Too much work was put into the book to let it die, not to mention a great deal of investment by my publisher.

That brings us to Novel #2, the one centered on a war between the US and China in the Western Pacific. As fate would have it, for the second summer in a row, real-world events are mirroring the manuscript I’m working on. 😊 As a result, my deadline has been pushed up considerably in an effort to beat reality and get the book released before a real-world war breaks out. August is set to be a month of intense writing and revising, along with some war game modeling thrown in.

I dare say that if war does break out in the Western Pacific soon it could confirm that whatever I write about during the summer months becomes reality shortly thereafter. So I want to let it be known right now that the next novel will be about a guy named Mike who wins a $2 Billion Powerball lottery in December of 2022. As you can probably imagine, the main character will bear a slight resemblance to me. 😊

There are a few other writing projects underway as well. One of them is the continuing blog Final Days of America. It covers the journey of a man and his family from a fictional EMP attack on the United States in September 2022 (please don’t let that one become reality!) through 2024. Right now, FDOA is at the point where the main character is now serving as the US Secretary of Defense in the midst of a rapidly deteriorating crisis between the United States and China. Again, an instance of fiction mimicking reality. I’ll talk a bit more about the other short stories and novellas later on this month.

As for D+24, we’ll be back on track with a post tomorrow evening or early Thursday. I’ll make a concerted effort to keep up with the usual pace of an entry every other day or every third day at the latest. Thanks to everyone for your patience and I promise, the wait will be worth it.


10 Replies to “WWIII Summer Writing Update 2 August, 2022”

  1. Funny you should write this. My own novel writing is reaching its height. I’m almost done with the draft of my Sure Bet King sequel, and once that’s taken care of, I’ll move on to my next project, a saga of multiple generations of aviators (that I’m REALLY looking forward to writing).

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    1. Summer is a great time to write, it seems. When you move to that next project, let me know if I can be of any help. Sounds like a great premise.

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  2. Sounds good to me, I must get around to sorting out my WordPress website and getting it up and running. Oh, just out of interest, I seem to remember a mention of a short story based around the RDF (aka RDJTF / CentCom) …. or am I making that up? If not, it would be great to see that.

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    1. Sounds like a plan! Yes, I had talked about a short story based on the RDF going into Iran early 80s to counter a Soviet invasion. I’m still looking for it but when I find it I’ll put it up

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  3. Such a shame that ‘real life events’ are holding back your ‘What if WW3’ novel set during the Cold War of the 1980’s. Maybe you would have had more luck writing a novel about a ‘What if’ Invasion of Britain by Napoleon Bonaparte back in 1804 & 1805 where the entire French invasion preparation expenses was made possible by the Louisiana purchase of 1803 – so that the USA ( in effect ) bank rolled the invasion of Britain by paying 50 million French francs for Louisiana; that was also partly funded by the British merchant bank, Baring Brothers as a loan to the USA for the purchase.

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    1. Those are two very interesting alternative premises for novels. Napoleonic invasion of Britain bankrolled by the good old Stars and Stripes. Hmmmmm


    2. It wouldn’t be the first time what is now Britain was successfully invaded from what is now France. Of course, it would also be the last time, assuming there is no English equivalent to Marshal Winter and General Mud.

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      1. Nope it wouldn’t be. You should talk to the Brits about Operation Sealion. Whether or not the Germans could’ve successfully crossed the Channel and invaded back in ’40 is always a heated debate in the UK.


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