D+23 (1 August, 1987) 1730-1800 Zulu

Moscow, USSR

1730 Zulu (2130 Local Time)

Another meeting between two senior members of the Soviet government was starting just as the one in Dolgikh’s dacha was drawing to a close. This one was happening in the general secretary’s residence inside of the Kremlin compound. Grigori Romanov was seated in a comfortable leather chair near the fireplace inside of his study. No fire was lit of course. The man now being escorted in Romanov’s head of security was dressed in a gray suit. His facial features revealed hints of a man who was running on fumes both mentally and physically. This was no surprise to the general secretary. The past month had taken a toll on the higher echelon of the Soviet government, and this was evident in their physical features as well as they way in which they moved and spoke. Some hid the fatigue and slow down better than others. The man now in Romanov’s presence had not, though the general secretary was confident he’d performed his most recent task perfectly.

Romanov pointed him to an empty chair. Once the guard had departed and he was settled in, the man spoke. “Everything is ready, Comrade. I have confirmed it all personally over the last thirty minutes.”

“You are certain?” Romanov asked at once, revealing a hint of nervousness in his tone.

“Da. I give you my personal assurance, Grigory Vasilyevich. The first step will commence just under six hours from now. Nothing will prevent it from moving forward.”

Satisfied, Romanov smiled broadly. His longtime friend and ideological comrade spoke of placing Romanov’s decisive plan into action. It could not wait any longer, they each knew. Both men were also confident it would lead to victory. In putting the plan together, the general secretary had learned from the mistakes made five days earlier. The nuclear ultimatum had failed tragically, producing nothing except for two irradiated cities and tens of thousands of citizens dead on both sides. Well, the Soviet people had experienced suffering on this scale before, Romanov reasoned. His fellow countrymen could endure. Perhaps it was time for people in NATO countries to experience this as well.

The plan going into motion now was better suited to succeed and change the face of the war at this critical moment. The Soviet Union and her Warsaw Pact allies would be rebranded as the victims. NATO and the United States would appear to be the aggressors in deeds and intentions. The new formula would pave the way for an end to the war on Soviet terms.

“Your boss has no knowledge of this plan,” Romanov commented. “Or of your involvement. I suggest we let it remain this way for now.”

“Of course, Comrade.”

“I have kept him busy running errands this evening,” the general secretary chuckled and then grew serious. “Viktor Mikhailovich is a good and loyal man. His exclusion, as well as your inclusion should not be misinterpreted in any way. He is to remain in charge until the war ends. That is my decision. After that,” Romanov spread his hands. “The KGB chairmanship will be yours, Vladimir Alexandrovich.”


13 Replies to “D+23 (1 August, 1987) 1730-1800 Zulu”

  1. I suppose the awful thing is I can see what is being planned…. and it is absolutely something that *could* be hatched/carried out. The Soviet System rewards blind loyalty… and also has no problem smoking their own people if it will advance the Party/protect the Rodina.

    The problem with attempting to brand the WP/Soviets as victims…may not work well as they STARTED the war… and were the first to toss nukes. As well as chemicals.
    Any false flag destruction of cities blamed on NATO will work short term only… as NATO even then was pretty damn good at keeping track of those things*… so long term accounting will reveal it wasn’t theirs.

    But that says the world doesn’t capitulate as a result of the tragedy. And its kinda even money on that. They could feel sorry about it, thinking short term it was a horrid mistake on their part…. and agree to whatever to end the war.

    Flip side, they might not care. Any other country that gets nuked will want blood and the more pain the Soviets suffer for their starting the war, the better.

    *shrug* who’s to say?.

    (* – a minor incident of a misplaced trailer full of nukes in South Dakota outside a base not withstanding as they did find it after all.)

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    1. Everyone misplaces a trailer full of nukes every so often.

      As for your speculation as to where this is headed…..no comment, no clues, no nothing. 🙂

      I WILL give you a shout this weekend come hell or high water. Or missing nukes in South Dakota, for that matter

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      1. lets hope that missing nukes isn’t a thing anymore…. And yes, the story on that trailer is a “No shit” kind that can only be true… because it is too stupid on how it happened not to be. 🙂

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  2. Hmm… false flag attack? Why not; the satellite states have been pulling away. That said, as I recall, US rules for the NNP and British participation in SIOP pretty much guarantees prima fascia proof of possession for their devices. And really, what do you get? Make Dresden glow brighter than Dresden Crystal? Once you’re downwind of a NATO unit the jig is up. The politburo seems like a drowning man clutching for hope.

    They said, late 80’s me would have definitely been freaked out once the news of nuclear and chemical release got out. The leaders in the “what if this was real” pool in the EM dorms at Alconbury was around 48-72 hours before we bonded with the upper atmosphere.

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    1. Pretty good theory. I won’t say how close or far off the mark you are though. At least for a few days. 🙂
      I think 48-72 is a fair guess. I’d say 36-48 if I were a betting man.

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  3. NATO has a lot of tools at its disposal to disprove responsibility for any attack, especially if they still have significant space-based assets and can show it wasn’t missiles. Maybe there’s an Adlai Stevenson at the UN during the Cuban Missile Crisis moment, pulling out the photos that prove the Soviets were liars.

    I predict that Reagan and NATO sit tight, say they’re not going across the IGB, and correctly point out that the Evil Empire just nuked its own allies (if that’s the plan) to find a way out of a war they started. Doing nothing, so to speak, in response leaves Romanov with what. Reagan was a very experienced negotiator and ran rings around Gorbachev. Romanov strikes me as very insular.

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    1. Sure, NATO has tools to disprove responsibility. The question is, will they get the time to use it? Things will move fast and with the situation very fluid, there will not be much time for debate. Decisions have to be made fast and with an incomplete picture of the situation.

      Romanov was very insular in real life and in this blog’s timeline. Not a skilled negotiator by any means


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