D+23 Temporary Format Change For Friday’s Entry

Evening, everyone. I hope you’re all having a relaxing Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning depending on time zones and such. 😊 As I mentioned yesterday, I want to let the readers know of a temporary format change coming to D+23 for the Friday’s entry. Instead of the narrative format which I’ve been using exclusively for D+23, I’m going to use a timeline format for this one upcoming entry. It will be similar to the timeline entries of the pas with each scene presented by a 1-2 paragraph summary of events at a particular time.

 The reason for the change is simply that D+23 is entering a period of dead air, so to speak. From 1800 or so through 2200 there’s not much going on. Events are in motion and preparations are continuing, however, nothing that is worthy of long, detailed writeups. If I wrote out the 1800-1830 scenes in narrative form, I’d run the risk of having D+23 bog down. So, let’s try the timeline format and see how it works.

Worst case, if it leaves holes in the storyline, I’ll fill them in at the conclusion of D+23/D+24.

On Wednesday evening the D+23 1730-1800 entry will go up. It’s another scene in Moscow, but at the Kremlin this time and involving other senior members of the Soviet government.

6 Replies to “D+23 Temporary Format Change For Friday’s Entry”

  1. Er, don’t you mean the D+23 1730-1800 entry will be tomorrow? Speaking of the timeline, I wonder if one Viktor Mikhailovich will make it back to the Kremlin in time for this meeting.

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