D+23 Primer Part I

After mulling it over for some time and playing with a few ideas, I’ve decided to just write up D+23 in a narrative form, similar to how D+18 was presented. The focus will be centered on events of the 24-hour period starting at 0000 Hours Zulu Time (Greenwich Meantime) 1 August, 1987 through to 2359 Hours, Zulu, on the same day. Point of view will change from location to location as the day progresses. The normal practice of presenting events of a certain day by theater will not work for D+23. It’s just a case of too many events crossing theater boundaries in such a short amount of time for individual theater presentation to work. So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel or shoehorn a square peg into a round hole, I’ll go with what has worked in the past.

Since D+23 will focus on the events of that particular day, there will be limited space in the day’s entries to provide background information. I do not want to force any readers to go back and leaf through previous blog entries to figure out if they have missed any essential details. So, as an alternative, Part II of this primer will contain a summary of important lead-up material and events. My hope is this will make it easier for readers to enjoy D+23.

The first entry for D+23 will be a survey look at the dispositions of NATO and Warsaw Pact tactical nuclear forces on the Central Front and Northern Flank (US Navy and Soviet Long Range Aviation mostly). I’m hoping the nuclear survey only requires a single entry. However, there’s always the chance it will stretch into a second part.

Also, after today we’ll be going back to one new entry being posted every 48 hours. I will try to keep that pace consistent until D+23 is complete. That’s about it for now. Part II will be up Wednesday, followed by the survey and then the day’s action. I’m looking forward to it. 😊 –Mike


4 Replies to “D+23 Primer Part I”

  1. good luck. That is a lot of writing but doable in the chunks you plan.

    side note- feel free to call. Off the next four days if you need to bounce something, vent or have time to catch up. And Chapter 30 goes up hopefully today or tomorrow.

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  2. 105mm M1IP at Grafenwohr around ‘86 I’m guessing. A little less penetration than the 120mm, but more rounds in the bustle rack. My favorite tank. Spent a lot of time in that turret, with amazing soldiers. We were the only Americans in NORTHAG: 1NL Corps, the Bundeswehr (man those Leo IIs could move), the Belgians with their rusty G3s and Leo Is, BAOR, wondering about 3rd Shock – and was the T-72 a variant of the T-64 or an improvement… did that 125mm missile through the gun tube actually work?

    These were the battles we trained for: on Trutsige Sachsen, Crossed Swords, and REFORGER, at Bergen-Horne, Graf, Hohenfels, and in the Canadian Army Trophy. An amazing time to serve. It’s fun reading them played out in fantasy. Very thankful my men and I never had to live this nightmare.

    2-66 AR, 2AD(FWD)
    “Whispering Death” as the Queen’s Own Hussars named us.
    Iron Knights!

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    1. Wow, you were over there at a very exciting time! And yeah, the only US troops in I NL Corps so you got to see a lot more of Dutch and West German units then most US troops over there did.
      I’m glad you’re seeing some of those battles you trained for being played out here. I love hearing from you Garlstedt guys!


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