The Central Front D+22 (31 July 1987) Part II (Alpha)

0535-1200 Hours, NORTHAG Sector

0535- Operation Thunder Cloud resumes. 1st and 3rd Brigades of the 1st Cavalry Division begin the drive to Phase Line Dodger.

0550– Heavy maneuver elements of the Dutch 5th Division spearhead the resumption of the Dutch attack northeast of Celle. As these units move, other elements of divisions from I NL Corps are advancing east from positions just south of Lüneburg Heath. The objective of both forces is to reach the town of Uelzen and link up by dusk.

0610– Northeast of Braunschweig the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment is screening the left flank of the 1st Cavalry Division. With British and West German units not expected to join the battle until late in the day, the 3rd ACR’s commander receives word that a brigade from the 2nd Armored Division is on the way.

0830– In his command bunker nestled in the East German countryside, Colonel General Korbutov monitors the progress of the morning’s battle so far. Aware of the consequences that the previous day’s poor planning had on the battle, Korbutov was prepared to make certain there was not a repeat performance today. He was waiting for the American’s lead brigade to move east of the intersection of Autobahns 2 and 39 before unleashing the counterattack he expected to halt the Americans long enough to bring 7th Guards Tank Army into the fight.

1015– The same intersection was highlighted on maps hanging in the headquarters of III Corps, 1st Cavalry Division and that division’s sub-units with the name; OBJ LASORDA. Capturing the intersection was a necessary step in the advance towards PL Dodger. The Soviets seemed to be aware of this, as resistance east of LASORDA was heavier than expected. The Soviet units opposing 1st Cav’s thrust were being bled white. However, their sacrifices were not for nothing. The US division was being delayed.

1059– In western Poland, a message arrives at Western TVD’s wartime command post. The theater commander is ordered to Moscow by mid-afternoon.

1200– Outside of the town of Gifhorn, troopers of the US 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment discover a recently abandoned prisoner of war camp containing the bodies of nearly three dozen West German and British soldiers and officers.

11 Replies to “The Central Front D+22 (31 July 1987) Part II (Alpha)”

  1. *Only* three dozen?

    I’m surprised the Soviets are taking any live prisoners in the first place, but I suppose they’ll need someone to get disappeared into the Russian interior to build railroads, eh comrades?

    Still, slowing down the Cav at the crossroads has got to be galling. Tempo, tempo, tempo!

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    1. Ivan is bugging out soon and has no room for prisoners so Comrade Firing Squad comes out. We’ve seen that before.

      After that crossroads its clear sailing to the border.

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    1. Right. They trained long and hard to fight in that area. I love hearing stories from the old Garlstedt crowd about what training was like


  2. re: dead NATO prisoners- It’s Katyn all over again, more or less…. and something often repeated in other areas the Soviet/Russian armies go- to include Ukraine.

    This must be a standard operating procedure for them… If that info gets back to Cowboy, it could be used as a verbal club against Romanov… “Only barbarians do that, Secretary… Only barbarians.” Given how they see themselves, that statement would fucking sting….

    re: Intersection of Doom- When the other guy knows you need that spot, one has to come up with a left field idea to upend the equation because weight of numbers is not always the answer. Granted, we have not seen the whole playbook NATO has planned but that’s my tactical/strategic thinking. Just sayin’…

    re: Snetkov Recall- DUDE!! (you can imagine reason for exclamation)

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    1. Yep, Russia isnt big on prisoners. Add to the fact they have to bug out in a hurry and can’t care for them…and the firing squads come out.

      Highway intersections are always valuable. Defenders always prefer to hold them as long as possible.

      Just wait until Snetkov gets back 🙂

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    2. “This must be a standard operating procedure for them… If that info gets back to Cowboy, it could be used as a verbal club against Romanov… “Only barbarians do that, Secretary… Only barbarians.” Given how they see themselves, that statement would fucking sting….”

      Pfft. Like the Russians would even note it was said. The cognitive dissonance of the Soviet mindset is a Byzantine structure of blind alleys, switchbacks, doublethink, and self delusion like none seen in history before it.

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  3. As a lifelong Giants fan, I know that the arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice. This fact does not augur well for Allied units pushing towards Phase Line Dodger and OBJ LASORDA. I pray the Allied offensive is not about to choke on lasagna…

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    1. Lasagna LOL You can’t think about Lasorda without thinking about Lasagna too. It’s impossible. For what it’s worth, I was a Mets fan back in 87 but watched the Giants a lot when they came east to Philly and NY. Good teams. Will Clark, Jeffery Leonard….wish you guys had beat the Cards in ’87 🙂

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