A Glance At The Week Ahead: 13 March, 2022

Happy Selection Sunday! 😊

For those of you who have no clue what Selection Sunday is, or why I’m so amped up about it, no worries. March Madness is not everyone’s cup of tea. But whether you love it or hate it, chances are you’ll be filling out at least one bracket in the coming days before the tournament kicks off officially on Thursday afternoon. For myself personally, this is a very special time of the year since I’m a huge college basketball fan. Last year March was also extra-special with the launch of the March Madness WWIII Novel Tournament on the blog. It was a great experience watching some of our favorite WWIII-themed works of fiction square off against each other through 3-4 rounds. I really enjoyed the interaction with you guys too, rooting for certain books and expressing your outrage when a favorite was unceremoniously knocked off.

I’m kicking around an idea for a smaller tournament to run for a week to ten days centered on WWIII-themed video games (PC and consoles). If I can work the logistics out, we’ll roll with it beginning next weekend.

As for the coming week, I’m still running a little behind. The plan had been to get a Ukraine update posted by this evening but that plan fell flat on its face. So, I’ll have one posted tomorrow. I was going to discuss Russian airmobile and airborne forces in the conflict, but I’ve decided to wait another few days to do that. With the battle of Kiev looming, it makes more sense to hold out and see how the airborne troops do in that battle before passing judgement. And if the battle doesn’t transpire within a week, no problem. We’ll figure out an alternative.

So, the weekly lineup looks like this…..

Monday- Ukraine-Russia Conflict Update

Tuesday- Baltic Approaches, D+21

Wednesday- No Entry or March 2022 Tournament Info

Thursday- North Atlantic D+21

Friday- Ukraine-Russia Conflict Update #2

Saturday- 2022 March Tournament Post #1

Sunday- 2022 March Tournament Post #2

As always, the lineup is subject to change, which in this case would refer to new developments in Ukraine. We’ll see how it goes. As you’ve all seen, I’m kind of winging it this month with a real-world major conflict going on. 😊


4 Replies to “A Glance At The Week Ahead: 13 March, 2022”

  1. Late to the party. Found your blog just before Christmas. Devoured – kind of like I did Red Storm Rising and Team Yankee as a young armor officer with 2AD (FWD) in NORTHAG 85-89 (I keep hoping my 66th AR Iron Knights will sweep in and save 1 NL. Those Dutch tankers could shoot, but they didn’t like to get dirty and shut down around 5 every day at Bergen gunnery. Union rules).

    And then as I read, the Russian threat reappeared… Or at least was finally identified as it’s been there for 10 yrs. Honestly, when I see a Russian armor column with SPs and antiaircraft missile launchers ahead of the tanks and BMPs I wonder where 3rd Shock ever went. Can they really be that incompetent?

    Anyway, truth is stranger than fiction and history does rhyme. I don’t know where you have found the strength these past years to do all this thinking and writing but glad you did. An impressive achievement. Look forward to the week. Thank you.

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    1. Better late than never. Welcome aboard and thanks for checking in. Wow, you were in Garlstad at a hell of an exciting time. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a couple other folks who were stationed there in those years through this blog. As well as some of Dutch vets from I NL Corps from around the same time. That’s funny, I’ve heard the same complaints about Dutch tankers from other guys too, so I assume its damn true LOL

      The time comes in dribs and drabs but I take advantage of it, and the subject matter of the blog keeps me focused and writing. I grew up during the 80s and always wondered how the fight would’ve gone down. So one day I decided to try and figure it out for myself.

      Again, thanks for checking in and feel free to ask questions or comment whenever.


  2. Are you just thinking strat games, Mike, or vehicle sims with a Central Europe (or other potential WW3 battlefield) too? AFAIK only MoH BLOps Cold War and Operation Flashpoint are 1st person shooters set during a conventional WW3.

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