Thanks to MidRats For Bringing Me Aboard For Tonight’s Show

A very special thanks to Sal and Eagle over at the MidRats podcast for inviting me on tonight. I had a fantastic time discussing the blog, wargaming, Ukraine and a host of other topics. Learned a few things as well and I hope the same holds true for them and the listeners. If any of you would like to check it out, The link is down below.

Also, some of you might’ve noticed a new addition to the Categories bar on the right-side menu. I’ve included a new category marked Days. I’m working on a way to present the war entries in chronological order and make it simpler for readers to access. I’m only up to D+5 but will put some more work into it this week. Let me know if it’s easier or if I should go back to the drawing board and try again.

Back to the war tomorrow. Central Front IV is upcoming onTuesday! (Sorry, I thought yesterday was Monday.) 🙂


6 Replies to “Thanks to MidRats For Bringing Me Aboard For Tonight’s Show”

  1. Well, I actually took the time and listened to the podcast and really enjoyed it. I’m not sure things will kick off in Ukraine (is Putin really that desperate/insane? I don’t think so – he’s hanging on to extract as many concessions as possible). I hope not anyway as having the book put on the back burner would be a real shame. Anyway, talking of books, this is quite an interesting look at General Sir John Hackett’s ‘The Third World War’ ….

    Plus I finally scanned that timeline I did for GDW’s Third World War series. Can you let me have an email so I can send it to you?



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    1. Evening, Paul. Thanks for checking out the podcast. I really enjoyed the conversation, despite some early nervousness. I hope he’s not that insane, but my instinct tells me he’s coming soon. I pray I’m wrong.

      Yeah, it has been a setback dealing with the book but for now, I’ll focus on Book #2 and the blog.

      Thanks for the article! I love reading contemporary pieces on Hackett’s classic. Sure, send it to Looking forward to checking the timeline out!


      1. Hi Mike

        I’m having trouble with that email address (the email is bouncing back saying it’s misspelt or doesn’t exist) … can you just check?



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