2021 Holiday Tournament Field

The field for the 2021 WWIII Holiday Tournament is complete. A few painful final cuts were made, seedings assigned and all that remains is to establish the brackets in each region and then we’re underway. There will be four play-in games conducted before the actual tournament begins in order to determine the 8 Seed in each region.

After the play-ins are complete and posted on Wednesday, there will be thirty-two WWIII wargame titles divided into four regions. One title will emerge from each region to compete in a Final Four that will determine the tournament champion. Not very different from the WWIII novel tournament back in March except for the inclusion of play-ins this time. I’ll present the tournament brackets on Thursday along with a brief overview of scoring. The first round will kick off on Christmas Eve.

I hope everyone is healthy out there right now. Omicron is hitting the eastern US quite hard right now. I hate to say it, but I picked it up despite being vaccinated. Mild symptoms though and I’m pretty much back to normal…..except for not getting my taste back just yet. 😊

2021 Holiday Tournament Field

Central Front Operational

1. Third World War: Battle for Germany

2. NATO: The Next War in Europe

3. 1985: Under an Iron Sky

4. Brezhnev’s War

5. Iron Curtain Central Europe 1945-1989

6. Red Storm: Air War Over Germany 1987

7. NATO Air Commander

8. Red Storm Rising or The Next War: Modern Conflict in Europe

Naval Operational

1. Harpoon

2. 2nd Fleet

3. Sixth Fleet

4. Seventh Fleet

5. Blue Water Navy: The War at Sea

6. Modern Naval Battles

7. Seapower and the State

8. 3rd Fleet or Task Force: Naval Tactics & Operations in the 80s


1. Team Yankee

2. MBT

3. Fire Team

4. World At War: Eisenbach Gap

5. Air Cav

6. Air & Armor

7. Air War: Modern Tactical Air Combat

8. Assault: Tactical Combat in Europe 1985 Or City Fight: Modern Combat In The Urban Environment

Operational OE (Outside Europe)

1. Gulf Strike

2. Aegean Strike

3. Korea: 1995

4. Central America

5. Tactics II

6. Fortress America

7. Warplan: Dropshot II/III

8. Invasion: America or The China War: Sino-Soviet Conflict in the 1980s

6 Replies to “2021 Holiday Tournament Field”

  1. Surprised not to see either Less than 60 Miles (Fulda Gap 1985 by Thin Red Line), Dogs of War, (The BAOR Sector 1985 also by Thin Red Line), Drive on Frankfurt (Counterattack magazine – awful map, great game) and the venerable NATO: Division Commander by SPI.

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