D+18 Primer

D+18 entries will kick off on Thursday 16 September, 2021. The layout and presentation for this day will be distinctly different from those of the past. We have arrived at a point where minutes and hours count more than days. As a rule now, decisions and actions in one theater will now bring on consequences in another within a short period of time. So, I feel it will be better to present D+18 in a rolling, real time manner rather than theater summaries, as I’ve done since D+0.

The day will be divided into 4-hour time blocks. Each block will cover events in the following theaters: Political (Washington and Moscow mainly) Central Front, North Atlantic and Northern Flank. Each time block will contain 2-4 entries, depending on what is taking place and where at any given moment. Zulu time (Greenwich Mean Time) will be the standard, with local times, and in some cases dates, also included. For example, the first entry of the day will cover the Political theater from 0000-0400 Zulu. Yet because there is a 4 hour difference between Washington DC (Eastern Daylight Time) and Zulu, it will be 1900 hours on D+17 in the eastern United States. At the end of D+18, entries for the other theaters and peripheries will be posted. Any theater not covered regularly in the time blocks should be considered nonessential to D+18. This may not be the case for the days to follow though.

In conclusion, just to reiterate something I mentioned above; hours and minutes will begin to count considerably more over the next 24 hours. Feel free to draw your own conclusions from that. 😊 –Mike


16 Replies to “D+18 Primer”

  1. Wow …. sounds like the big ‘A’ word is approaching … time to load up on films like ‘The War Game’, ‘Threads’ and ‘The Day After’ 😀

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        1. I sure am. Wanted to do The War Game this time around but couldn’t find a copy. It’s been a while since I last saw it. So in a few weeks I’ll probably put a review up.

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              1. Great stuff – I think Countdown to Looking Glass is available on YouTube …. plus there’s a mini-series called World War III (with David Soul, Brian Keith and Rock Hudson) which is set in the build-up to, well you guessed it, WW3

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              2. Thanks, Pete. I checked on YouTube and Countdown is there. Might have to screen it again tonight. 🙂
                I’ve been looking for that miniseries for a long time. It’s not being streamed anywhere so I may have to pick up the DVD set. First saw it when I was a kid. Around the same time as Red Dawn.


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