Looking Ahead Through Labor Day Weekend

Good Evening, Folks,

So, as is the case from time to time the real world has clashed with my blog post schedule. Not a major derailment and I’ll be back on track by the end of the weekend. But I thought I would take a minute to go over what’s on the agenda from now through the end of Labor Day Weekend.

First and foremost, we’ll see the conclusion of D+17 with a 2-3 part entry looking at political events in Moscow on that day. Normally, I don’t like to hype an upcoming blog entry, but I’ll make an exception in this case. 😊 Simply because the Moscow posts will answer questions and tie some loose ends together while giving readers a clear idea of where events stand as D+18 looms. The first part will be posted by Sunday evening with the remainder being published by Friday at the latest.

After that, I would like to post a few deleted passages from the novel. Deadline is approaching and I’ve had to cut away a handful of subplots and characters. So, rather than consign them to literary oblivion I’d like to share a couple with you folks.

Wrapping up things before we dive into D+18 will be either a movie or novel review. As always, I’m open to suggestions so if there’s any work in particular someone would like to see reviewed, let me know. Beyond that, I hope you all enjoy the weekend and we’ll talk more next week. –Mike


4 Replies to “Looking Ahead Through Labor Day Weekend”

  1. Sounds good, sir.

    As for a review, The Ten Thousand, by Harold Coyle. Not WW3 per-se… but an interesting tale none the less. Its been out a good while and if memory serves, it was a solid book.

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