Primer For The Remainder of Central Front D+17

Greetings from the Jersey Shore!

So here we are with Central Front D+17 getting underway. The first entry gave an overview of the Soviet position on the Central Front coming into the eighteenth day of the war. Central Front D+17 Part II will offer the same for NATO. From there we jump into the battles starting as usual with NORTHAG since this is where the war is likely to be won or lost. I’m looking at probably 3-4 entries for the northern area, followed by 2-3 for CENTAG. D+17 on the Central Front will be concluded with an Air War on the Central Front post. I’ve been neglecting that side of the house for too long.

From there, we jump directly into the political side of things in Moscow and Washington and the increasing likelihood of a dangerous escalation.

Part II will be posted by Friday afternoon at the latest and I’ll try to pump out the bulk of NORTHAG posts over the weekend. – Mike

4 Replies to “Primer For The Remainder of Central Front D+17”

  1. Someone once asked Jerry Pournelle, the sci-fi and computer writer, about how to become a writer. He said “Son, you don’t want to be a writer, you want to be an AUTHOR. Authors have published things, and to become an author you start by sitting down and writing every day.” You have had a super-productive summer and your weekly output is awesome. I enjoy all of your blogs and look forward to buying the book.

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    1. That statement is true! Thanks for checking in with the kind words, AT. I have to say, the past month has been more productive than I ever expected it to be. August looks like it will be the same.

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