A Brief Mid-D+17 Primer and Novel Update

Evening to all!

The peripheries and Southern Flank entries for D+17 have all been posted. Now we’re about to jump into the main theaters of action. I felt it would be helpful if I toss in a primer at this time because we’re reaching the point where the plot thickens, so to speak. What this means is that readers will notice a healthy dose of foreshadowing in the coming entries. There is a lot going on militarily and politically. I hinted at the end of the final Southern Flank D+18 entry about the possibility of escalation looming, so keep an eye peeled for hints.

I’ve tried to work out an alternate method to present the remainder of D+17 but came up empty. I toyed with the idea of an extensive, multi-theater timeline but I was never comfortable with the concept. So, we’ll move forward the same old way and I’m confident it will work out fine. If not, revisions will be incorporated. On Sunday Baltic Approaches will begin, followed by the North Atlantic and Northern Flank. Then our attention goes to the Central Front where the fate of the world might very well be hanging in the balance.

Now, onward to a novel update. I’m nearly settled into my summer writing shack at the Jersey Shore. I have a writing routine down pat and distractions are being minimized. The book deal has been finalized and signed, manuscript edits and revisions are underway, deadlines have been established and relationships with editors and publishers appear to be flourishing. I’m quite limited with what I can talk about with regards to book right now. However, I expect to post five or six scenes that have not made the final cut sometime in August.

So, I guess that’s it for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and if anything changes, I’ll be sure and keep all of you updated and current. –Mike

One Reply to “A Brief Mid-D+17 Primer and Novel Update”

  1. shack indeed… 😀 😀 😀

    Glad to hear what the timeline is going to be and I will be certain to have plenty of popcorn handy.

    Tally Ho!!

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