D+16 Primer Part II

Southern Flank– With NATO’s control of the Mediterranean near certain, Sixth Fleet is looking to extend that dominance into the Black Sea, as the next phase of the war at sea. Meanwhile on land, Pact forces continue to advance in Thrace despite absorbing high casualties in exchange for minimal gains of territory. Romania has been a reluctant Pact ally to say the least, and the moment might be coming when the nation’s maverick leader needs to be dealt with. In the Balkans, Yugoslavia drifts nearer to the abyss with the Soviets unable to help Milosevic right his ship, and NATO trying to stay on the sidelines of what is fast becoming a violent breakup of Yugoslavia.

Arabian Peninsula/Persian Gulf– The Soviet adventure in Saudi Arabia has come to an end. Saddam Hussein continues to play a high stakes game of bluff with both the United States and Soviet Union, even though the prospect of military action against Iraq by either side remains high.

Western Pacific– In the Republic of Korea, North Korean forces continue to advance south in the face of determined counterattacks and numerous delays. Unless the offensive can resume with momentum soon, the conflict here runs the risk of devolving into a stalemate. Soviet resupply efforts are drawing down, as Moscow strives to avoid a major conflict with China, and refocus its military priorities farther west. Kim Il Sung remains a legitimate target and with the arrival of US F-117s expected in theater soon, the USAF might make a determined effort to go after him.

Central America/Caribbean– Castro continues to keep Cuba neutral, but there are indications he may be losing his grip. Pro-Soviet military units are rising up and a civil war may be in the near future. Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega has fled Managua as US bombing continues. His future, as well as that of his nation’s involvement in the war, remains uncertain. The US moves closer to ordering a military operation to topple Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega.

Central Front– Last but not least. 😊 The battle in West Germany is fast approaching its climax. The Soviet push towards Hameln has now been identified for what it is; a feint. The main attack will come a little farther to the south, against a weaker contingent of Belgian and British forces. Elements of the US 1st Cavalry Division are rushing south to meet the Soviet divisions and hold them until the rest of the division and other US units can arrive to blunt the Soviet advance.

5 Replies to “D+16 Primer Part II”

  1. South: A mess. The Turks and Greeks are going to hold their own, I think. Especially with the WP rear becoming a mess… Yugoslavia in particular. Add in reluctance of Romania (and the potential for coming down hard there) and you have a stalemate.

    Especially with the Greeks/Turks having had so much time to beef the defenses. My god….

    The Gulf- not much more needs to be said here. Its handled for the most part and the Iranians are actually a balancing piece here. Go figure.

    WestPac: The Chinese are going to get involved. Because no one leaves them hanging. The NK’s did that- and the Middle Kingdom has a vengeful streak. They are in the cat-bird seat right now as they can stay neutral or jump in. And if a jump happens, it won’t be pretty.

    Carib- Hahahahahahahahahahaha…… Ortega is gonna stay running until a Contra catches his ass. Or promise of enough money outs his location.
    Noriega… will pull a Saddam and find a hole to crawl into. Panama at that time, per the knowledge of a snake eater who trained/stationed down there and a AF tech guy who also spent alotta time down there in this time frame, was weird place. Loyalties were unexpected for some groups- and *could* change based on if a faction leader thought his ego wasn’t being stroked enough. Not necessarily with shooting going on but still.

    The bit on the streets being clear of protesters, shit back to normal and nothing hinting at the trouble except damage… is apt.

    Central: The Cav is looking to be Heroes…. and then you have Spearhead making an appearance…. being Cavalry to the Cav. This is going to be a vicious battle…..

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  2. I want an Ortega convoy to get caught out in the open by a USN drone and cornholed by a salvo from a US battleship. Just a good solid 20-30 tons of steel falling on that SOB’s Ford Bronco while he thinks he’s scooting safely along to his next hidey-hole.

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