March Madness WWIII Style: Elite Eight

March Madness: World War III Novel Tournament: Elite Eight

And then there were eight. Safe to say we’ve thoroughly separated the wheat from the chaff at this point. The remaining novels here represent the top tier of World War III fiction. These are the novels that many of us have established strong emotional ties to. My own personal library has never been lacking any of these titles.  In fact, I can honestly say I have traditional and e-book copies of every remaining novel in this tournament. Multiple copies in some cases (I’m looking at you, Red Storm Rising). Suffice to say, this round was competitive and I can only assume it will become even more so in the rounds to follow.

Red Region

#1 Red Storm Rising vs #5 Northern Fury

Winner: Red Storm Rising

The Cinderella run for Northern Fury has unfortunately come to an end. If I were to describe this round in weapon terms, I’d say the advanced kinetic energy round that is Northern Fury just couldn’t penetrate the active protection system and Chobham armor of the main battle tank we all know as Red Storm Rising.

White Region

#1 Third World War vs #2 Red Army

Winner: Third World War

 Two novels from entirely different sides of the tracks. Third World War is an established piece of fiction that has set the bar in military fiction for many years. The novel has a wide audience of fans and has inspired a number of works. Last but not least, it was written by a retired British senior general officer who at one time commanded the British Army of the Rhine and NORTHAG. Then there is Red Army. This novel owns a cult-like following, was written by a US Army officer who topped out as an O-5 and is considered a military maverick by some and a complete moron by others. This novel is present in any conversation revolving around WWIII literature. But at the end of the day, Red Army could not overcome the depth of detail that Third World War contains.

Blue Region

#1 Alas Babylon vs #2 Arc Light

Winner: Alas Babylon

Traditional match-up between the #1 and #2. In one corner is Alas Babylon, a certified classic which enjoyed significant pop culture attention during its time. In the other corner is Arc Light, a darkhorse WWIII novel of high quality, but was crippled by the fact it was released in the final days of the Cold War. This contest came down to main characters and when all was said and done, Randy Bragg and company were more complete, memorable characters than Arc Light’s gaggle of politicians and military officers. Alas Babylon is headed to the Final Four.

Gold Region

#1 On the Beach vs #2 Team Yankee

Winner: Team Yankee

Timeless classic about the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse squares off against a timeless classic about small unit action in a modern war. What hurt On the Beach was the fact that World War III was over before the story’s timeline began. Team Yankee takes the reader through World War III in West Germany from start to finish, and in a manner that will make many fans suddenly want to command a tank company for a living. There’s a little bit of Sean Bannon in every red-blooded American male, I suppose. Team Yankee is advancing to OBJ FINAL FOUR.

7 Replies to “March Madness WWIII Style: Elite Eight”

  1. Ohhhh we are down to a choice few now. I still see Team Yankee and Red Storm Rising in an epic final here…though Hackett is a tough nut to crack when he has form….

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    1. This final four is like Tyson, Ali, Foreman, and maybe Liston squaring off in separate bouts. Get ready to rumble!


    1. I agree with you in both regards. Third World War is really where it all began for every book in the genre, more or less.


  2. It’s going to be interesting to see if it comes down to Hackett vs. Coyle. That’s like playing against your former head coach, since of course Team Yankee is based deep within the events of The Third World War.

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