March Madness World War III Style

Mid-March has arrived. Here in the States this is the time of year when the NCAA Basketball Tournament kicks off. March Madness, if you will. Personally, I love the tourney. Upsets, Cinderella teams, mid-majors making deep runs and of course, rooting for your alma mater should it be lucky enough to go dancing. At this moment across the land millions of people are doing research, filling out brackets, and getting ready for the first tip-off.

But there’s no reason why March Madness has to be restricted solely to basketball. Tournaments and brackets aren’t just for college hoops, after all. So, on the drive back from Newport I had the time to kick around a few ideas about how to do March Madness with a WWIII theme. The first thought to jump in my head was to create a tournament field of 32 popular World War III novels and have them fight it out for supremacy. After an hour of mentally creating a list of WWIII novels to include, I realized the same concept can be applied to WWIII games. Take 32 tabletop and PC-based games and create a tournament to crown a winner.

I’m still working on the details but plan to have the WWIII Novel tournament all set and ready to begin on 19 March. It will go round-by-round through the 27th of March when a champion will be crowned. The following week will see the start of the WWIII Game tournament which will run along similar lines.

So, tomorrow will see a book or game review posted. Then on Friday I’ll put up the WWIII Novel brackets, list the books involved, and explain how the tournament is going to run. As is the case with the NCAA basketball tournament, this one will also have four #1 seeds. I’m sure most of you can figure out at least two of the novels that will receive a coveted #1 seed. Feel free to speculate, but be warned that I will not reveal them before Friday. 😊


4 Replies to “March Madness World War III Style”

    1. Hope you find some new books from the field that look interesting.

      Oh, yes. That war scare is like the urban legend of the Cold War. Was a very scary time. Glad I was too young to appreciate just how scary 🙂

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