A Look Ahead Through Mid-March, 2021

Evening, everyone. I wanted to take a few minutes and bring all of you up to speed on the plan for WWIII: 1987 over the next week and a half. Also, I’d like to discuss the novel since some of you have been asking about it lately on Twitter and even through email.

First thing first; the blog. D+15 is drawing to a close. All of the major theaters have been covered, leaving only the political side of the spectrum, possibly an ‘Air War on the Central Front’ entry and a few addendums related to the Central Front D+15. The final item will consist mainly of maps showing the battle area and dispositions in the NORTHAG and CENTAG areas at the end of the day. Many readers have been wondering about maps and I can now say with confidence that they’re on the way.

Below will be the order of upcoming posts between today and Selection Sunday minus specific dates of course. Because We all know I’m about as punctual as a groundhog who pops out of its hole in July looking for a shadow.

2 Politics of Global War posts

1 Central America/Caribbean

1 Air War on the Central Front OR Central Front D+15 Addendum

1 Book Review or Gaming WWIII

Now, on to the novel. Mid-March has been the target goal for official release, but the publisher is not certain we’re going to make it. COVID-related delays piled up over the last eight months or so and we have been steadily pushing through and trying to catch up. A decision will be reached on Monday so I’ll be certain to bring everyone up to speed by Tuesday.

Looks like we’ve covered everything for now, so I’ll just conclude by wishing you all a good upcoming weekend! – Mike

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