The Central Front D+15 (24 July, 1987) Part III-Bravo

0700– The air battle in the NORTHAG sector starts. NATO air attacks against the Alfeld and Brüggen and meet heavy opposition from ground-based air defenses and MiGs. Nearly seventy Soviet fighters have been committed to defending the airspace above the northern bridgeheads. The unexpectedly heavy defenses lead NATO air commanders to conclude that the increased MiG coverage and additional SAM batteries are all part of the Soviet effort to keep the bridgeheads open for the tank divisions now approaching the river.

0715– 6th Guards Tank Division is on the move once again. The 202nd Guards MRR is the lead regiment now. The Belgian 4th Brigade probes aggressively, spurring a series of clashes over the next two hours. The village Wenzen is the tank division’s next objective….again.

0825– The 47th Guards Tank Division makes initial contact with the West German 19th Panzergrenadier Brigade 3 kilometers southeast of Dielmissen.

0859– At the northern Leine bridgeheads the lead combat elements of two Soviet tank divisions arrive and commence crossing operations. A handful of NATO pilots catch partial or full sight of this and the warning message streaks up the NATO chain of command.

1023– The 202nd Guards MRR secures Wenzen, opening the door for the rest of the 6th Guards TD to deploy in greater numbers and firepower from Wenzen south to Einbeck. The Belgians in front of them have not been neutralized and remain a nuisance.

1120– The battle developing between the 47th Guards TD and two West German brigades from the 7th Panzer Division appears to be the centerpiece of the Soviet attack. While the Soviets and West Germans grapple, secondary Soviet movements to contact are underway against the British 6th Armored Brigade. NORTHAG anticipates a more coordinated attack will develop there later in the day as more Soviet units cross the Leine and enter the battle.

1159– South of Freden bridging units and combat engineers from the 8th Guards TD and 29th TD have arrived and begin working furiously at constructing a new crossing point. Their parent divisions are expected to reach the river by mid-afternoon with a third tank division coming in by early evening. Despite all of the evidence and speculation pointing towards the main Soviet attack being pointed at Hameln this is not the case. The primary push to the Weser will be made to the south where the bulk of 5th Guards Tank Army is now gathering.

11 Replies to “The Central Front D+15 (24 July, 1987) Part III-Bravo”

  1. Didn’t wanna be the critic but in the 07:00 segment “…MiGs and additional SAM batteries is”…should be “are”?? It’s like telling Picasso that his color are a little off…;)

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    1. No, I’m glad you caught it and spoke up. Hell, sometimes I don’t proofread as closely as I should. Appreciate it, Richard!


    2. Man I’m the same way…it’s like…oh man am I about to tell Ansel Adams his lighting could be better… :O Fortunately Mike seems a little more amenable than ol’ Pablo Picasso!

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