Brief Note About the Upcoming Week

Evening everyone! I hope all of you have enjoyed the weekend and were able to get in some holiday preparations before the next round of COVID-19 restrictions kick in. Looks like weather will be a factor for the Northeast this coming week. There is talk of a Nor’easter bringing heavy snow. Storm watches are even going up already for Wednesday here in Central Jersey. I’m not going to get too excited. Been down this road enough times in the past. Storm watches pop up  and all we end up receiving is a flurry and two gusts of wind when all is said and done.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let everyone know about the plan for the week since it has been finalized after a few dozen rounds of going back and forth. My original plan was to have posted Chapter 1 in two parts over this weekend. Unfortunately, the publishers had an issue with this. It would seem their plans included using Chapter 1 as the sample chapter available for download on Amazon, BN, and other E-book vendors. Sensible move, but it left me between two chairs since I didn’t have a backup plan. Posting Chapter 1 on the blog was essential for me. But what the heck do I know? I’m only the author. 😊

So, to make a long story short, I spent some time editing, and writing over the weekend and came up with a viable alternative. I’ve slimmed down Chapter 1 and created a prologue with the edited scenes. Quite honestly, I like the new layout better than the original and might move forward with it in the published novel. But that’s neither here nor there at the moment. 😊

The posting schedule for the upcoming week will be as follows:

Prologue Part 1- Monday Night or Tuesday Morning

Prologue Part 2- Wednesday Night

Gaming WWIII Post- Thursday

Chapter 7 (Lead Up to War) Part 1- Friday Night

Chapter 7 (Lead Up to War) Part 2- Sunday Morning/Afternoon

All times are Eastern Standard, of course.


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