A Look Ahead Through Christmas…And A Request For A Little More Reader Feedback

Well, here we are approaching the final stretch of 2020. One more lap and we can bring an end to this train wreck of a year. Pandemic aside, December means Christmas and the Holiday Season. I appreciate this time of the year more with every passing year. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older (43 years old, Ugh) but I now look back at Christmases past with growing nostalgia.  By far, the most memorable Christmas seasons for me were the ones spent overseas. Something I’m sure a few readers can relate to.

So, it is the beginning of December and there’s a lot on the WWIII plate between now and Christmas. I thought a quick run-through of upcoming entry subjects between now and 25 December would be useful. And, as mentioned in the title, I’m again going to ask for a little feedback on something. 😊

D+14 is almost wrapped up. All that remains is a Politics of Global War piece on the Kremlin’s reaction to the day’s events in Poland, as well as the possibility of strategic escalation with the United States. This will be likely be a two-part post. First part will be posted this weekend, and the second part by Tuesday. Next Wednesday I’m planning to post a Gaming WWIII entry, or a WWIII book or movie review. And that brings us to next Friday…..

On 11 December I will post the first chapter of my WWIII novel manuscript. I know I’m running a week late and apologize. Another chapter will be up on 18 December, and the third on Christmas Day.

Now, here’s the part where I could use some reader feedback. I still intend on posting a three-chapter sample. But I’m not sure if it would be better to post the first three chapters of the manuscript, or post three individual chapters from different parts of the ‘script. For example, Chapter One followed by individual chapters from the ‘Build up to War’ and ‘WWIII’ sections. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. I like the Ch. 1-3 option because it keeps the continuity of the story intact. However, I also would like for the readers to get a sample of the war chapters as well. After all, the novel is about a fictional World War III and the war is the meat of the story.

I will not make a final decision until after I receive some reader feedback and weigh the matter a bit more. Anyone who’d like to provide an opinion can leave a comment below, or on the blog’s Twitter page. As is always the case, I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys. 😊

Oh, and before I forget, D+15 will start around 14 December. –Mike

26 Replies to “A Look Ahead Through Christmas…And A Request For A Little More Reader Feedback”

  1. Chapter 1, Chapter 5 and Chapter 9… if possible. Four chapter gaps. Cause I’m weird with numbers… 🙂

    As for D+15, oh my. What a lovely birthday present… if you post on the fourteenth.

    The Kremlin cannot be happy about the events of the day… both with Poland and the Balkans/Romanian question. Add in the potential Hungarian problems… They are going to be a touch…. worried, among other things.

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  2. Thanks for the opportunity Mike – you’re a youngster btw 🙂
    I’m a real fan of a snippet from each section of the book, gives a feel for the whole arc.
    Although I see the advantage of the first three chapters, the downside from a readers POV is that the Amazon (if you go that way) preview will cover the same chapters. That might be a good thing from your perspective but we want more!
    Looking forward to it either way.
    Take care.

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  3. >”However, I also would like for the readers to get a sample of the war chapters as well.”

    My vote would be to go with option B, the dispersed chapters. Everybody here is by now familiar with the material, so there wouldn’t be any confusion. And it’d be a more representative sampling.

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  4. In my mind a sample of different chapters Gives more flavour, as it is more representative and more likely to reveal strengthes and weaknesses. That compensates the lacking continuity. Stay healthy and let us make the free world great again, against dictatorship and oppression. Go‘ jul to everyone! Joachim

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  5. Mike,

    First happy holidays.

    I can probably speak for a lot of folks on here that when I see that “Third World War” in my email notification it feels a bit like Xmas…

    My two cents is to do the first chapter then do random ones to get a feel for the action and characters.

    Best to you at the end of this crazy year.

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  6. I’m going to go with the masses, a split between build up and when the pin is pulled.

    ….and thanks for persevering with this. Really enjoying it.

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    1. Yeah, I have to say I’m firmly in agreement at this point. A split is the way to go.

      Thanks for reading it, Steve. 🙂 I’m very glad you’re enjoying it.


  7. I’ve been reading your blog from its early days and you have produced enough material to make a fairly large novel depending on how fully flesh out the various entries. I favor the separate chapters approach and suggest you concentrate on a chapter dealing mostly with the ground war and then one with both air and naval action (though the main attack on the carriers should be held for the novel as I see it has one of the more exciting chapters). Definitely looking forward to the novel.

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    1. Thanks for checking in, Tom. I agree with you. Especially about the carrier attack chapters. Those will be held back for the novel.


  8. So firstly, I am a real fan of this blog/timeline. I began reading it when it first started then somehow forgot about it, before re-discovering it a few months ago. I then “binge” read nearly 2 years of posts in a few nights.

    I don’t have the depth of knowledge (or any depth at all really) to make any insightful comments so I am very much a lurker. I suspect theres quite a few of us out there, so thought I’d just let you know its probably got more of a following than you realise.

    Now having said that I’m pretty much ignorant of the finer detail, apart from reading a lot of WW!! fiction, I do think that the story is pretty realistic, My only comment is, possibly as a result of reading a big chunk of it over a short period of time, is that it “feels” that NATO gets more than its fair share of “lucky breaks”. For example the attack on the US carriers in the Atlantic went NATO’s way. The French carrier was lost, but that actually prompted France to join the war. Poland has now basically switched sides. All of these are realistic in themselves but for all 3 to go NATO’s way appears a little bit one sided. Anyway, not a criticism as its definitely plausible and you only need to look at history to see that sides can roll a lot of 6’s in a row!

    Now to your question what chapters of your book to publish a s a sample. I think the sample could be one of the build up to war, one which covered a ground theatre (perhaps the central front) and one that covered the naval situation. I think restricting the sample to the build up to war would not be representative of the book itself – which I’m very much looking forward to reading when its eventually published!

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    1. Good to hear from you Alan, and thanks for reading.
      I get what you’re saying about how NATO seems to be favored in a lot of ways. That’s something I wrestled with from the start. The fighting in all theaters was war-gamed thoroughly. I did not just go with the first run results and leave it at that. I strived for a realistic outcome given the variables which set the foundation of the conflict. Military readiness at the time, postures, political events, etc. To be honest, in some theaters, and at specific points in the conflict, the Warsaw Pact went through a good run of bad luck and couldn’t turn things around. Given what the military balance was like in ’87, knowing what we know now in real life, it could’ve very well happened that way if the balloon had actually gone up. Thank God we never found out for real.
      As for the chapters, yeah. I think the sample will be chapters from three different points in the timeline. Seems like the best way to move forward.
      The book will be out…barring any further COVID related delays….. by March 1st. I’ll give some more info after the Holiday Season on that topic 🙂


  9. I’m of the mindset of three spread out chapters rather than the first three chapters. I appreciate all the effort you put into this blog and what I’m sure is going to be a great book.

    Stay safe out there!


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