Status of US Combat Divisions D+13 (22 July, 1987)

I thought it would be a good idea at this point in the blog to work up a cheat sheet of sorts briefly laying out the statuses and locations of US Army and US Marine Corps combat divisions and select independent brigades on D+13. At this point in the conflict there is a lot to cover. Most of these divisions have been discussed at one point or another in various levels of detail. A few have not talked about much either because they’ve slipped between the cracks or just have not yet been committed.

I’m keeping this initial sheet restricted to active duty Army and Marine units with one exception. I will put up a comprehensive Reserve/NG sheet down the line, as well as a few concerning USAF and USN units, and assets.

US Army

8th Infantry Division (Mech)   Germany   CENTAG

3rd Armored Division              Germany   CENTAG

4th Infantry Division (Mech)   Germany   CENTAG

194th Armored Brigade           Germany   CENTAG

197th Infantry Brgade (Mech) Germany   CENTAG

11th Arm. Cav. Rgt.                Germany    CENTAG

1st Armored Division              Germany   CENTAG

3rd Infantry Division (Mech)  Germany   CENTAG

1sr Infantry Division (Mech) Germany   CENTAG

2nd Arm. Cav. Rgt.                 Germany   CENTAG

1st Cavalry Division               Germany   NORTHAG

2nd Armored Division            Germany   NORTHAG

5th Infantry Division (Mech) Germany   NORTHAG

3rd Arm. Cav. Rgt.                Germany   NORTHAG

9th Infantry Division (Light)*  Denmark  LANDJUT 

187th Infantry Brigade (Reserve) Iceland   IDF (Iceland Defense Force)

7th Infantry Dvision (Light)**   Central America    US Southern Command

193rd Infantry Brigade               Central America     US Southern Command

82nd Airborne Division              Saudi Arabia          CENTCOM

101st Airborne Division***       USA                 CENTCOM

24th Infantry Division (Mech) *# Convoy               CENTCOM

10th Mountain Division*^            USA                    AFNORTH

6th Infantry Division (Light)       USA                       US Army Pacific

25th Infantry Division (Light)     USA*(                    US Army Pacific

2nd Infantry Division                   South Korea           8th Army

US Marine Corps

7th Marine Amphibious Brigade  Saudi Arabia          CENTCOM

5th Marine Amphibious Brigade  South Korea           III MEF

4th Marine Amphibious Brigade  Norway                  AFNORTH

6th Marine Amphibious Brigade  Turkey                   AFSOUTH

1st Marine Division                       USA*@                 I MEF

2nd Marine Division                      Convoy *%           II MEF

3rd Marine Division                      Korea                    III MEF


*-two brigades in Denmark, one still deploying

**-one brigade, and one battalion deployed to Central America. Rest of division still stateside

***- 101st is awaiting air deployment to Saudi Arabia. MAC estimates that will start by D+18

*#- Division in convoy, bound for Europe. Chopped to NATO

*^- Division awaiting air deployment to Norway. MAC estimates that will start on D+22

*(- Half of the division is on the ground in South Korea. The rest is awaiting air transport back in Hawaii.

*@- Division will be shipped by sea to South Korea starting no later then D+18.

*%- Division is in the North Atlantic heading north to either Norway, or the Baltic. Undecided as of D+13

18 Replies to “Status of US Combat Divisions D+13 (22 July, 1987)”

  1. I know it would be a far more mammoth undertaking, but would you have a similar OOB for the Warsaw Pact, including what category the Divisions are?

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    1. I’m going to start a similar OOB for the Pact at some point down the line when I have a good chunk of time. I’m thinking around Thanksgiving maybe. Definitely include the category.


  2. Interesting. That’s a large amount of combat power in Europe… and not all of it in play yet. In theory, the war may be over by the time the 101st gets in the game though.

    I recall reading somewhere that the 101st had a mob plan to FLY in hops to Europe…. I thought it odd and pretty damn risky endeavor (I probably got it out of a modern fiction novel, now I think of it) but given there *is* bases between Campbell and the UK that are in range (blackhawk has a 1200mi ferry range, the Apache roughly 1k ferry range, chinook 1100 ferry range), it’s doable.

    Provided there is enough fuel at those locations, of course… It would be Madness…. but doable.

    IF its all blackhawk/chinook/apache though. I doubt that’s the case in 1987 though.

    Anything Huey-related can’t do it though. legs are too damn short (third of the range of the other two).

    Strange stray thought, it is. Thanks for this.

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    1. I’ve seen bits and pieces about the 101st and contingency plans for its use in Europe. A lot of what you’ve mentioned above sounds familiar but I haven’t really researched it too deeply yet. If not Germany, I think the Screaming Eagles would be useful in Denmark.

      You’re quite welcome for it. Like I said, a cheat sheet for everyone to catch up on what divisions are where at this point.

      Look for an email from me tonight BTW


  3. Wonder what happened to the 4th marine division, it should have been filled out by now. Even of there’s probably not enough transportation to take them at this time.

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    1. The 4th was held back for duty with SOUTHCOM once it was filled out and ready but it doesn’t look like that’ll happen now


  4. I am wondering where I am where the story is 11 days later.
    In the summer of 87 I was part of the 101st ABN, so am I with Centcom, Southcom or in Europe? (Although chances are they drafted 20% of the 101 as replacements for Europe and backfilled the 101 with IRR (I had just transferred from Europe at the beginning of 87))

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    1. I would say you’d be in either CENTCOM with the first elements of the 101st to arrive or in Panama with SOUTHCOM getting ready to secure Panama or head into Nicaragua.


      1. Thank you

        Real world, 87 and 88 we were gearing up for an invasion, probably Nicaragua, as well as our usual areas of responsibility of Europe, Korea and CENTCOM

        Been enjoying this story since I found it. Keep up the excellent work!

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        1. Thanks, Charles. Makes me happy to hear you’re enjoying the story. I always love to hear from guys who were in the service back around 1987. It’s great to hear your perspectives on things


  5. Hopefully we can get a future update after the war of the units and if any army reserve or National guard units made it to the fronts . ala Tom Clancy red storm rising 49th armored. Division

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