A Look Ahead to Late August & Early September

We’re into late August already. Hard to believe the summer is coming to an end. Like just about everyone else I’m anxious to get this year finished once and for all. Pandemic, hurricanes, wild fires, floods of Biblical proportions in China….the list goes on and on. Who knows what’s waiting for us in September.

But through it all, the blog soldier’s on. After spending the majority of this summer on D+13 I’m wondering if there’s a way to maybe speed up post production without negatively affecting the quality level. There’s a compromise out there somewhere and I’ll find it sooner or later. D+13 is finally coming to an end. There are two Central Front D+13 posts remaining, and then I’ll catch up in the Caribbean. After that the combat side of D+13 will officially be in the books. On the heels of that will come the political side of D+13. A lot has been going on there and I want to tie it all together before moving on to D+14.

Below is a brief look at the schedule I’m hoping to follow through Labor Day. –Mike

Tuesday 25 August, 2020– Central Front D+13 Part III

Thursday 27 August, 2020– Central Front D+13 Part IV

Saturday 29 August, 2020– Central America/Caribbean D+10 to D+13

Early September (1-7 Sept, 2020)- Politics of Global War: Poland, Politics of Global War: Escalation, Politics of Global Escalation: Moscow, and with luck a Book, Movie, or Game Review.


8 Replies to “A Look Ahead to Late August & Early September”

    1. Try out the Wingman series if you’re looking for new material. Not sure if you’ve done that one or not yet. I think it’s worth a review or two.


    1. It’s getting questionable. The government has started a major “don’t waste food” campaign that’s getting a lot of attention and domestic publicity. That probably translates to some food problems coming in the not too distant future. And if Three Gorges Dam doesn’t weather the storm….not a good picture.


    1. That’s exactly what I had in mind when I mentioned the game review. A play through might be a better idea. I’ll need your help though. 🙂


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