D+13 Primer

It’s nearly time to dive back into World War III. Finally. 😊 Before D+13 kicks off this weekend I wanted to post a primer for the upcoming day of war. Events are happening in multiple theaters worldwide. Significant events that will bring about major consequences for both NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

In the northern Norwegian Sea Soviet bombers are literally a couple of hours away from launching a major attack on Strike Fleet Atlantic’s carrier groups. The situation in Northern Germany is becoming even more fluid as the Soviet drive to the Weser is slowed down again by NATO counterattacks. Soviet and Polish amphibious and airborne forces are converging on Denmark to take the pressure off the Pact divisions advancing in southern Jutland. On NATO’s Southern Flank, a relatively quiet period is drawing to a close as Southwestern TVD prepares for the upcoming attack on the Bosphorus, and Yugoslavia appears set to explode. Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait remains underway in the Persian Gulf, and Soviet airborne troops are desperately holding onto their toehold in the Saudi desert, awaiting rescue by Iraq’s elite Republican Guard divisions. In the Western Pacific, the Korean Peninsula is aflame, and Moscow’s continued support of North Korea could ignite a Sino-Soviet confrontation. And last, but certainly not least, the threat of strategic escalation is growing larger.

As I said, there’s a lot going on.

The lineup for D+13 will be revised somewhat. I’ve been trying to keep a similar pattern going for a while: Peripheries, followed by the flanks, North Atlantic, Baltic Approaches, and then wrapping up with the Central Front. Because the action in some theaters is becoming interweaved, D+13 will begin with the North Atlantic, and then move to the Northern Flank, and Baltic Approaches. As we come to that point I’ll make a decision on what theater will go next.

The North Atlantic D+13 will start up on Saturday or Sunday.

I hope you’re all having a great day. It’s gray and stormy here in New Jersey. Good writing weather. 😊


12 Replies to “D+13 Primer”

    1. Man, since I finished D+12 for the North Atlantic I’ve been waiting to start the next day. I left it on a major cliffhanger.
      Now I have to make sure it was worth the wait for you and the others. 🙂

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  1. Good to read things are about to move along.

    My takes/observations, for what they are worth beyond entertainment value….


    The peripheries are going to be energy-sucks as well as material drains on the Soviets; While the Allies will suffer similar pain, it will be spread out through all of them whereas the Soviet War Machine will be pulled in multiple directions because of all its activity.

    The Chinese… that will prove to be a body blow if they get involved. As I recall, there was a buildup of Chinese Nationals on the northern side of the border even back then… and given the traditional long view they have, I would not doubt if there was not assets of some sort in place among them for when the Balloon goes up on that frontier.

    That the NK’s are getting succor from Moscow is a loss of face to Beijing…. and war is not something the Dragon wants on their southern border. My money is on *something* happening to cause a shooting war on the border with the Chinese piling on.

    As commented before, two equally armed/equipped forces duking it out will be interesting as the better drilled force should win out. Training and practice usually are the determining factors with the occasional golden BB/blind squirrel moment (as in “Even a blind Squirrel finds a nut once in a while”) being the wildcards. A well trained adaptable force (most NATO forces) can minimize the blind squirrel effect but the Soviet Model… seems to me not able to react well to such things. First side to find that nut will have the upper hand here.

    Will be interesting to be sure.

    Middle East- “Elite” Republican Guard are not going to rescue the VDV bois. Pretty sure they are going to be stopped short of getting there if my assessments are correct. It won’t be the bloodbath of 73 East but they will be stopped.

    Stopped because of a slew of factors, not least of which is the Air Force assets (nato and local) are light years better trained than their counterparts there and gear is equivalent or better. And the Saudis will be fanatical in defending their lands. My opinion of course. Y’all writing this thing… and only you know what notes ya have. 🙂

    North Atlantic/Norway- Y’all got my take before. I’m standing by it still. 🙂

    Germany/Et Al- That thunder run…. the damage done on a material level is large. The damage done on an operational level… holy crap.

    The Southern TVD- Nope nope nope… The Greeks and the Turks don’t like each other… but they like the Soviets less. And Yugoslavia… Well, it is going to be a problem on an unknown size and will adversely affect Soviet plans.

    And I am not certain one can accurately portray such but I’m pretty sure you have thought of that.

    My dude… I am so looking forward to the continuation of your writing….

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    1. I’m looking forward to your accurate, and thought provoking observations too. I like the way you think, John. Definitely have some pure breed analysis in ya! 🙂


      1. why do I get the feeling when we finally meet for that Beer or three to go over what I got wrong and right with assessments, it’s going to be a….. fascinating… AAR?

        Any update on the new house?

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        1. It’s going to be an educational, and entertaining AAR. A great opportunity to pick each other’s brains, with the help of some good local craft brews.

          House is coming along now that PA is beginning to open up. Appliances will arrive in 4-6 weeks and work on the kitchen should kick off in August. I was just out there earlier this week taking care of some things. I’d still rather be there than here. 🙂


          1. The more one knows… the better at Jeopardy one gets? 🙂

            All joking aside, I am very curious as to what I puzzled out correct versus other. Alot of my thinking comes from reading tech manuals, no few near-future books and in many cases, actually seeing/using the gear mentioned for the time frame.

            Desert Storm was a real No Shit moment for me on how effective our gear really was against Pact equipment.

            Granted, the stuff the Russians send to client states is not supposed to be top line… however, there is only so much improvement one can do to the tanks of that era so I’m not sold on their being that much different.

            I mean…. if the much maligned Bradley can kill T-54/55/62’s with its main gun and the 72 with the TOW as it did in the Storm, a full on battle between NATO/Pact forces will be hella messy.

            Especially as the FV510’s 30mm and the Marder’s 20mm autocannon (and Milan!!) are able to hurt Pact APCs as well as some of the older tanks. IIRC, the 510’s gun performs better than the 25mm Bushmaster on the Bradley…. so all of the NATO Mechanized Infantry can be a Big Damn Threat to anything Warsaw Pact.

            Could be wrong though.

            In any event… our eventual sit-down over beer will be a fun time. Glad to hear the house is coming along and with any luck, y’all will be in it by Middle of August.

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            1. I think it’s fair to say that the equipment Iraq fielded in 1990 may not have been top of the line Soviet hardware, but it was pretty damn good. Equivalent of what a Soviet Category B division might have. And you know what happened there from personal experience.
              In the air it was the same thing. Good Soviet airframes but nowhere near what we had in the skies.
              I think the 510 has one of the best guns ever put on an APC. Personally I love the Bradley though. Doesn’t get enough favorable press and its a damn shame. It’s pretty damn good.

              Can’t wait for the sit-down, like I said. Hopefully by the end of the summer. As far as being in it by mid-August, think again. LOL The kitchen work still has to be done once the appliances get there. Realistically, I’m thinking October as the move-in time. But I hope earlier. Jersey and Blue States in general are wearing thin on me.


    1. I was up around Middletown in the afternoon. The skies just opened up for a good 90 minutes. But by the time I got back home the sun was out. Typical NJ summer weather.


  2. Curious on everyone’s opinion, was there a time after Vietnam and before the US military took a hard look at what was wrong that the Soviets could have won a conventional conflict in Germany/Europe?

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    1. Personally, I think 1972-79 was the window of opportunity. The Army in Europe in the early to mid-70s was in terrible shape. Race tensions, discipline was almost non-existent. Then in ’75 the post-Vietnam malaise began and it took a little while before the military found itself again.


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