Remembering the D-Day Landings

6 June, 1944 was a day that defined a generation, and the course of the United States for decades to come. Each year on this day I take some time to remember not only the lives lost, but also the magnitude of the Normandy landings and everything that was riding on it. I’ve had the honor of taking part in a couple of D-Day anniversary ceremonies in the past and cherish the memories.

As for tonight, I’m about to kick back and watch The Longest Day, another annual tradition. I love the film and feel its one of the best World War II movies ever made. The book it was adapted from is a classic and probably Cornelius Ryan’s best work.

On the topic of war movies, I’ll post the review of By Dawn’s Early Light on Monday followed by a short primer for D+13 on Tuesday. Come midweek we’ll dive into the next day of World War III.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

5 Replies to “Remembering the D-Day Landings”

  1. Every year, for the last 5 or so years, I have made lengthy postings on my FB page, with photos, maps, etc. in remembrance of D-Day. Thank you, Mike, for the post.

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