Central America/Caribbean D+7-10 (16-19 July, 1987)


D+7 (16 July, 1987)


-US Navy personnel and civilian contract workers from the United States assume full duties at the Panama Canal. All Panamanian nationals, and other foreigners working there are furloughed for the ‘duration of the present emergency.’


-As more US troops arrive in Honduras, the number of clashes between Nicaraguan and Honduran troops on the border is increasing.


D+8 (17 July, 1987)


-General Manuel Noriega delivers an impassioned address blaming the US for the recent wave of violence across Panama. He declares Panama to be under US occupation and makes a plea for outside assistance to remove the American military presence from Panamanian soil.


-Food and other essential supplies are beginning to run low on Jamaica. The war has caused a disruption in the air and sea commercial supply lines to the island nation. Unrest is growing.


D+9 (18 July, 1987)


-Fidel Castro delivers a nationally televised address to the Cuban population. In it, he warns the United States not to attempt an invasion of Cuba. He goes on to brag that the Cuban armed forces are turning the island into an invincible fortress. The US government interprets the speech as a tacit assurance that Cuba will not conduct offensive operations against US territory, or forces in the region.


-Battlegroup Romeo, consisting of the USS New Jersey and her escorts is diverted to the waters off of the western coast of Nicaragua. The battlegroup had been steaming towards the Panama Canal for a scheduled transit on D+10 but Nicaragua’s increasingly aggressive behavior brings about a change in orders, and mission.


-Anti-US protests break out in Panama City. A large mob attempts to storm the US embassy, but is held back by US Marine guards, and pro-US units of the Panamanian Defense Forces.

D+10 (19 July, 1987)


-Two Nicaraguan MiG-21 Fishbeds are shot down as they approach Battlegroup Romeo. An hour later a trio of Mi-24 Hind attack helicopters are also destroyed as they attempt to make a low-level approach on the group. USS Long Beach is credited with all five kills.


-Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega condemns the shootdowns and promises retaliation against the ‘armada of Yanqui pirate boats arrogantly sailing off our shores.’


-Fidel Castro orders all Cuban military advisers, and diplomatic personnel to leave Nicaragua, and Panama within 12 hours.

6 Replies to “Central America/Caribbean D+7-10 (16-19 July, 1987)”

  1. Fidel is not stupid.

    Nice bit of posturing you have written for him. As for Noriega, pretty accurate as far as my memory is concerned. Pro-US PDF units though?

    Were we still popular then? In 86, things with Noriega were on the down slide and by 88, in the toilet. Just Cause was December 1989 so is it possible for US to get help from the PDF in 87?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fidel was never anyone’s fool. A rational actor to the core.

      There were some commanders who were pro-US. In ’89 when Just Cause went down some PDF commanders quietly assisted US forces so I think in ’87 it would’ve been possible to get some help.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Interesting.

        I should think there was a few… though I never heard about any helping in 89.

        Nice bit then. Look forward to the Gulf write up as well as WestPac.

        Hornets nests, the both of them.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Definitely. Next week after a couple miscellaneous blog entries such as game reviews, etc I’ll kick off D+11 with the Gulf.


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