Final Update On Revising and Updating For September (I Promise) :)


Good morning, everyone.

I thought I would post one last revision update for September to let you all know about a couple of items.

First off, revising and editing has commenced on the war timeline entries. ‘Ignition on the Central Front.’ was first and I will try to revise 3-4 entries per week. Every couple of weeks I will post a list of revised entries to help the readers keep track of the progress.

Secondly, this blog now has a bit of a social media presence. On Twitter, I’ve created an account at World War III 1987 Blog@WorldWarIII1987 to help keep readers there updated on new blog entries, and other goings-on associated with the blog. I have also created a Facebook page at in order to provide the same updates and such for readers who prefer to use Facebook as their primary social media platform.


Finally, next week the focus of the blog will shift back to new entries in the war timeline. I’ll continue with Gaming World War III articles periodically too, and am actually hoping to have one posted before Monday.

That’s it for now. 😊 As always, thanks and I hope that everyone has a good day.



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