Labor Day 2018 Update

Well, here we are at the end of Labor Day Weekend 2018. Families are heading home from their vacation weekends and in twenty-four hours we all go back to school or work. Pumpkin spice everything is now on the shelves. The sprint to Autumn and Halloween starts tomorrow and before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us.

As for this blog, I’m going to delay moving ahead with the war timeline for a couple of weeks in order to take some time to edit and revise many past entries. I recently read through the bulk of the blog’s entries and was horrified by the amount of typos, and lack of flow in many. That has to be fixed. 😊 I also intend on filling the glaring holes in the timeline, especially the periphery theaters. Arabian Peninsula/Persian Gulf is three war days behind, and I haven’t even begun documenting the Western Pacific, and Latin America/Caribbean theaters yet.

The Gaming World War III series of articles will continue with no disruptions.

What I will do every few days is release a list of the blog entries that have been revised, as well as place a double asterisk ( **) besides the titles of the revised works. Right now I have asterisks beside a number of pre-war posts that had been slightly revised and edited in the past. For now, disregard these and consider them to be rough drafts, more or less.

Also, a few readers have asked about the books, articles, etc  I’ve used as research tools for this blog. I’m in the process of drawing up a bibliography and will post that at some point between now and Halloween.

That’s it for now. Again, I hope all of you enjoyed the long holiday weekend.




6 Replies to “Labor Day 2018 Update”

    1. Thanks. I hope you enjoy both the blog and the scenario. I’m actually planning to post the finished version of the scenario later today or tomorrow. I polished it up a bit.


    1. I’ve done a couple for Command: Modern Air and Naval Operations. Wonderful game and I’ve used it a lot with setting up the conflict that this blog is set around. Ever try it?


      1. I am actually deciding whether to purchase command or harpoon… I used to play harpoon way back in the 90’s… he he. Been reading forums, blogs etc and its been a bit difficult to decide which game to buy. Command is sort of pricey though.


        1. It is pricey. Keep an eye on Steam and the game’s website though. They hold sales every so often and you can get a deep cut on the price. That being said, Command has a comprehensive database and you can pretty much run any air and/or naval conflict from 1948 through the modern day. My only real gripe with the game is with its developers. They’re a very computer-friendly bunch and instead of updating the game lately, they’ve focused on updating LUA features and stuff. The game’s fan community has stepped in though and is picking up the slack.


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