The World War III Project


This blog has taken on a life of it’s own in many respects and has recently generated a very interesting offshoots. I’m gratified to learn that World War III:1987 appears to be influencing many wargamers. It’s even influenced me to explore miniature wargaming. Truth be told, Steven from the blog Sound Officers Call is greatly responsible for my interest there. Two weeks ago he and I began discussing a project aimed at taking some battalion-sized engagements discussed in my blog and gaming them with miniatures.

The offer was too good to pass up. Wargaming, as I’ve mentioned to some of the readers in comments, has played a large role in creating the outline and conflict model for a third world war set in 1987. The list of computer simulations, and traditional board wargames that I’ve explored, and used is extensive. That being said, I never considered how miniature gaming might figure into the mix. Fortunately, Steven had a very good idea about how to do it and with a bit of help from me, he placing the finishing touches on the first miniature battle of the ‘The World War Three Project.’

I encourage all of you to take a look at his blog. A link to it is available over on the right and I will be posting one below. Steven is an expert miniature wargamer and his extensive knowledge is evident in his blog postings. It also helps immensely that he has worn the uniform and approaches his battles with a professional soldier’s eye for detail, and understanding of the battlefield. Steve’s blog contains a detailed summary of the project. Please check it out.

I am keenly aware that many of my blog readers are also into miniatures, so I guarantee  you will not be disappointed by Sound Officer’s Call.


The World War III Project

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