May 19, 1987- CBS News Break*


Defense Department officials have confirmed that a Soviet air force aircraft collided with a US Navy fighter over the Pacific Ocean earlier today. As the Soviet TU-95 Bear reconnaissance bomber approached the aircraft carrier USS Constellation it was intercepted by two US Navy F-14 Tomcats. The Bear made a sudden, unexpected movement into the path of one of the F-14s and they collided, causing damage to both aircraft. The F-14, though damaged, was able to land back on the carrier and the crew is safe. The Soviet aircraft retired to Cam Rahn Bay and despite being damaged too, it landed successfully. The incident comes two days after the guided missile frigate USS Stark was struck and damaged by an Exocet missile that had been accidentally fired by an Iraqi aircraft. The pilot mistook the Stark for an Iranian warship. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger will hold a news conference later today to address the Stark situation as well as this latest incident between US and Soviet military forces.


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